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The prospect of a coming live-action film is nagging upon the filmmaker previously just writing stories, making music and painting digital paintings.

Still active in those domains as shown on this page.

The snapshot from the video shown here describes the path to make a full blown 3D-animation using Blender 3D for the PC! It is just showing the process to begin with a basic idea and then adding details along the way.

Did you know?

A new computer animated film by Andreas Ingo is called
found in the movie vault on this page.

A magical 3D-animated film aiming for the abstract.

Stay tuned!
Download the video file here. (138 MB)

If you have problem to show the animation you might need another video player for your MAC or PC that can show AVI-Files.

It should work on most IPADs and Android devices too.
A vision of the future not too dissimilar from the vision of Mamoru Oshii and other filmmakers in the east. A mathemathical universe with a rugged realism eventually leaping into Andreas Ingo's films. Something dark and universal still grounded in industrialism in the present era.

Download the video here. (8 MB)

Download the video here.
(8 MB)
A scifi/horror movie soundtrack by Andreas Ingo inspired by the Alien films to set the ambience.

Made in the FastTracker II program for MS-DOS.

- * - Inertia - * -

Fusion Murder Upon A Train

A musical experiment with jazz fusion inspired by bands such as King Crimson but also true jazz legends such as John Coltrane.
It is a story of a strange murder case upon a train with several witnesses describing the same event from different perspectives.
Experimenting with story and character getting definition and translating content to music possible to describe with odd chords,
random notes in the harmonic minor scale for jazz and sudden outbursts on the piano.

What if reality could be discovered and bent
using the illusions of jazz music
to build a world only possible to digest in the abstract realms of music?


The song was written for deep vocals (as the story is described in words) but a pure instrumental version was also made for comparison.

The artist (Andreas Ingo) truly tried to write a masterpiece this time.

With eerie vocals.


The question this piece of music asks:

Could human affairs benefit from a more serious approach to life
beyond ordinary common sense reality?
Where inquiries such as murder investigations
could elevate the mind from disaster.
Due to the importance of finding
an answer in the end.


Listen to the jazz fusion work here in two different versions:

FMurder Instrumental - FMurder Vocal


Beginners - The Novel

A novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power.
Some kind of beast coming alive in Nazi Germany before the second world war.
A time of tanks, state police and secret service.

A bold statement concerning chess
connected to the author’s attempts to master the game.
A work towards personal victory.

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"Insignificant" - Future Memoirs

Writing my memoirs has to be a secret topic. It has to be something personal, odd and forgotten. Forgotten in the sense that it has to have a vague notion of things. Separate from how things turned out and rather having a subjective quality to it. Like a ghost haunting. Not necessary how things happened.

Insignificant is the author’s natural progression from works such as Alien Forever: The Novel.
A bold entrance into the domains of future colonialism. A strange story resembling the autobiographical journey of the author.
Futuristic horror taken beyond conventions
into the dark domain of

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Adaptation Short Story Collection

Adaptation Short Story Collection

A construction design artist lost in the modern world.

A bold adventure beyond physical existence.

A post-apocalyptic story about a man returning from outer space to a polluted earth.

The short story collection contains three different stories. Sharing no similarities except being products of the author’s heart, mind and soul. To present a work fitting for searchers in the modern era.

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The Concept

About the Site

Continuation is about a continuous journey. Undertaken by the author as a lifelong mission. A process of liberation put to words in a fictional context.

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The Other - The Novel

The Other - The Novel

A secret work devoid of presentation. A comfortable assurance of a new direction. Best to experience for oneself...

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Erratic Pain

Erratic Pain

A partly disabled outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight. A bold mystery transcending all concepts of pleasure and pain. A journey into a land of eternal beauty...

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Andreas Ingo

About the Author

Andreas Ingo started his journey many years ago. Born in Sweden he always longed for the unknown. As a writer he leans towards science-fiction. Written with great care for characters, plot and world-building. But primarily cutting-edge content.

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The Light Of The Beast - The Novella
Erratic Pain - The Short Story
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