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A daring adventure into the heart of the multi-verse.
As represented by music, fictional texts, digital paintings and a spiritual system too.
The path to oneself to move beyond oneself to find deeper meaning.

An epic poem too.

Read, watch, listen and enjoy!

About the Site

Continuation is a project that the author ever had in mind when he dreamt of alien lands and countless adventures as a young adolescent. The endless journey. Confronting new places, new people and strange habitats. This dream was about to become a reality when he started with travel as a young adult. First going by car in his home country Sweden. Then extending this to include South Europe, South East Asia, India and South Africa. But it's a journey that not only includes physical space. But also the space of the fictional worlds of science-fiction writers, progressive rock musicians and the great surrealist artists. It also includes the occult space of the astral worlds and the inner sphere of fantasy and darkness.

Now moving into filmmaking to a large extent.

Continuation is the lifelong process of enlightenment and personal liberation put to words in a fictional context. Using fictional themes as metaphor's for the author's journey. Striving for high art and the abstract but still being grounded in the solid frame of the multi-verse. The works presented on this site reflects the author's journey but also his solid passion for images, music and writing. And he is commited to keep this process going as long as he lives. He simply has not found any greater passion in life.

Pushing further. Exploring the unknown with the philosophy to brake new ground, explore new ideas and concepts. And at the same time find way for great emotion. As a sharp intellect has to be combined with great emotion to feel the change occuring within.

Starting a revolution - creating one's own future.

Here is an epic poem "Continuation"
describing the quest of enlightenment described by some works on this site.
To be read a dark and lonely night.


About the Author

Andreas Ingo was born in Vasteras, Sweden on Jan 30, 1978. He began his writing career in his teenage years with a fairly clumpsy attempt at writing a short story. This was the story of a female mind-control victim making battle with mysterious alien beings. Taking place in a dark universe with bold characters. This story was called Alien Forever. It was bad on all accounts but the initial inspiration made him build on that story. It took shape later in the form of a movie script, a novella and at last a full length novel. These story-lines just improved with time as the author never could leave the initial inspiration behind. Hounted in dreams, day-dreams and physical encounters.

The author is not interested in trivia. He is fond of exploring the big questions: The mystery of space, time and existence. He is interested in dark occultism, travels, chance encounters with strangers, philosophy, art and science. He is getting more involved with radical politics. But this is politics of freedom and liberation, not conformity.

As a writer his main influences are the classic science-fiction author's like Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and Joe Haldeman. In later years he has developed a big interest in the classic horror writers. These writers include Arthur Machen, H.P Lovecraft and Robert Louis Stevenson. Outside genre literature he is equally interested in the great classical novelists including Ernest Hemingway, Jack London and George Orwell. What is of greatest importance to him is that the story resonates in a deep layer of the emotional cortex. That the writing evokes a kind of emotion connecting to himself beyond the surface mind. It's a kind of knowing that goes beyond the superficial. And these kind of writings tend to be very memorable and rewarding.

Musically the author is heavily influenced by electronic music giants such as Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. But also progressive metal artists such as Opeth, Tool and Steven Wilson. In later years he has developed an interest in classical music giants from the past such as Ludvig Van Beethoven, Claude Debussy and Richard Wagner. The visual art by artists such as Moebius, H.R Giger and Wayne Barlowe are consumed every now and then.

His favourite film of all time is "Faust" by Murnao due to the philosophical angle of the work, the acting, the script and the groundbreaking visuals.

If he would put all he stood for in one line he would say: "Discover yourself, be yourself and then move beyond yourself."

- A free-spirited song by the author describing this mode of consciousness -

Freedom To Speak

Download the digital painting to the left (made by Andreas Ingo) in a larger version here.



Continuation has been up and running since 2016. A thrilling ride where the author has framed his written works of fiction in digital space. It hasn't ended with fiction. The author has presented a new spiritual system simply called "My New Spiritual System" and it is not "spiritual" in a traditional sense. It is rather the work of a dark occultist. Discovering the ego, hate and darkness. Sexuality, individuality and illusions (Among other things). Later moving beyond these states of mind for a journey into the mental aspects of the individual soul.

Leading to great knowledge, love and power. Connecting to what usually is described as The Universal Mind.

My New Spiritual System

The Other - The Novel What truly should interest his readers though is the insights he has gained since he presented "My New Spiritual System" to his readers at the beginning of 2017. And these insights have proven to be of monumental importance. So much in fact that the author sometimes has been thinking about presenting a new spiritual system to his readers. As a relief he presented his new novel "The Other" some time ago describing a new mode of consciousness with more focus on the intellect. An intellect that incorporates the emotional phase he was describing earlier with a more mental phase coming later.

Making room for intellectual leaps that stresses the importance of choosing the intellect as the decisive force in life. To choose consciously, build one's own values and to perceive life with subjective glasses. Moving beyond the will but listening to the will for a better understanding of the self.

Retrospect consideration: After several readings of the "The Other" the writer has come to some conclusions regarding the message conveyed. And that is that the work sometimes can feel a bit cold regardless of the fact that the writer tried to incorporate emotion in the work to combine the vision in "Alien Forever - The Novel" with the intellectual rigor of "Ascension" and to present an original work more grounded in contemporary culture.

The message is that future revolution must be grounded in a holistic science described by intellectuals in the future but still find space for subjective leanings, ego, will and emotion (with a love based upon self-interest) so that the hard problem of losing track of the self can be overcome. The work even described a path of returning to the wild to find space for individual expression.

According to the writer though the work can be enjoyed on its own terms. Where story, character, world-building and a rugged realism grounded in contemporary culture can overcome the problem with "the cold" sometimes experienced as the ideas conveyed in the book can resonate in the hearts and minds of readers knowing about the things happening online for instance. That means that many sites present unconventional knowledge to the masses for free. Regarding the message it can be more deeply understood on an emotional level with additional works of digital paintings and music presented here on the about page.

Scroll down - just listen, look at the images, read and enjoy!

Response From Readers

A lot of transformations have occurred to the artist during his years working on the site. But on the whole the response from his readers has been astounding overall. Not just limited to fiction but also concerning his travel stories, his music (To some extent presented on his blog "The zone of free will”) but also on this site, his articles about dark occultism, personal development, spirituality and more. These works have changed the lives of several people he has met. It's his uncompromising attitude to be true to his self no matter the investment. They appreciate his earnest will to present revealing texts for no charge.

And being completely original in the process.

He has been discovered as a featured author on some years ago. Becoming selected as a "Featured" author of novels such as Alien Forever: The Novel and Ascension by a group of people. For quality content. Earlier he was selected for the Swedish anthology "Maskinblod 2" available in many Swedish libraries. He was reviewed positively by Swedish writing students and teachers at “Ölands folkhögskola” and “Geijerskolan”. For the writing of stories in swedish language such as “Ideer” and “Vaktskifte”.

Changes in writing style have developed over the years as he has progressed on his path as a writer. According to most readers they like the dark emotion, the will to break new ground and explore new concepts. It’s also the sense of character, solid world-building skills and a deep personal touch. People love the way his works present a passionate escape from ordinary matters. Still being honest (And metaphorically “realistic”) in approach. Lately people have been very much inspired by the new music on the page. New digital paintings ("The Secret Of The Golden Age" in particular) have also made some take notice. Moving away a bit from the dark into the light. And many recent works of music (including "Airlock") have elaborated further upon this theme.

Filling an empty void with inner truths resonating in the deep unconscious. A need for clarity, love and emotion sorely lacking in the modern world.

The author is communicating with his readers and listeners on Facebook. The general impression is that most people are easy to reach concerning all kind of topics. The author is fond of establishing a good connection with his readers, watchers and listeners. And what has been revealed in these encounters is that the ideas presented on this site are pretty easy to comprehend for most people. It's sometimes about the obvious. Still just "obvious" for the ones truly stumbling on these ideas. Topics that have been appreciated by many are the knowledge of the self, the ego and an unconventional life-style. Finding the way to a greater appreciation of the "hidden" aspects of the self. But also topics like travel adventures, general intelligence, systems of control and spiritual death.

Lately the response from his readers (And listeners) has made him more uncompromizing in style. The new style is darker and edgier at times (As heard on his recent song "Dark") and building on a lateral thinking model. Describing a path beyond simple categories into the hidden aspects of the self.

A few of his songs “Plateaus” ,"Futile Dimensionality" and "Fragments" more than enough sums up his consciousness.

Listen, watch, read and enjoy!

A New Mode Of Consciousness

It's strange how it happens. During the end of summer 2018 the author began a new period of personal development marking a bold transition from his former life. It was a period where the auhor found inspiration in Stoic philosophy to transcend his previous notions of success. To Include all insights from the past but also to uphold and prioritize pure action resulting in the attempt to start a revolution.

It is about affirming suffering and enduring hells to make the body and mind adjust to the demands of professional work, erotic encounters and to move beyond what is expected using disciplines such as body building, martial arts and many others. But it is not a suffering resulting in personal sacrifice. Rather a suffering emanating from the human soul to find passion in tuff situations. About building psychological and physical muscles to endure the troubles in the now, the past and in the future.

The new written works of fiction including "Erratic Pain" , "Insignificant" and "Beginners" describe this mode of consciousness in a direct way. It is about the tuff demands of the information age. The negative aspect of power structures and to find a sublime pleasure in suffering itself. Leading to personal growth.

It is also about transcending the concept of The Universal Mind to find the way to the soul. Described by thinkers such as Carl Jung but also an individual thing. Leading to a sense of purity, dark emotion and a will to contribute something new to the world. Not limited to past legends.

Music Studio

A new piece of music called "Empty" describes this new mode of consciousness in a sonic way. It is about strong work ethics, not clouded by external demands. But to transcend the troubles of the world to make the world much more easy to grasp and conquer. Still not to the loss of other person's wills. Rather the opposite.

As a sonic experience the new song uses inspiration found by analysis of all kinds of music. Including classical music, progressive metal acts and movie sound tracks. It is marking a new period for the author as a musician as he has adopted a more serious approach to write music aiming for revolution.

Listen and enjoy: Empty

A Period Of Seclusion

Sometimes it's best to leave social life behind.

This happened to the author in the end of 2018 as he felt he lost a lot of depth by mixing up his unconventional life-style with the demands from others to conform to their patterns. In fact he had to give social life up completely for a life of adventures in nature instead. A choice visualized by a digital painting the author made in the end of 2019 as seen on the picture "Eagles" above.

The spiritual philosophy of the author saw some changes this year described in the second part of his spiritual system available for download here.

The new part of the spiritual system describes a period where the author used available options to him to transcend his prior attempts to evolve on many levels. In fact by actually devolving then evolving in contra-intuitive ways. Some remarks are made concerning irrationality, rationality and social life too. The new e-book is simply called "My New Spiritual System - Part II - Devolution" and is about the extended wisdom of the dark to build upon the first part of his spiritual system and to complement it from a new point of reference. Easing down more to find inner space, "pure physicality" and to end ambitions to enjoy life more at depth and build energy for adventures, natural science and art projects.

Download the digital painting "Eagles" in larger size here.

Celestial Darkness

A new musical work presented by the composer to his readers as a suprise.

Celestial Darkness is a work lacking reference in any form of music as the composer experiences it. It is bold, uncompromizing, blending genres such as electronic music, classical music and movie soundtracks. It is about a dark journey the composer went trough as he lost his energy due to a psychological problem concerning evolution of consciousness. The composer had to confront the eerie observation of a coming death as he lost his energy lying in his bed thinking he just couldn't walk any longer. The musical work is about the regaining of life by the impossible decision to go to work despite the fact he just couldn't handle it on the surface.

Musically it is building on a multi-track composition using instruments such as the violin, the piano and the flute. Great attention has been made to build upon long silences, the C-minor scale and subdued electronic string parts. Attention has also been made to create an eerie feeling with a dark mysterious embrace.

This musical work is the culmination of a long period by the composer (Andreas Ingo) where he found his way back to social life and revolution by neglecting dark feelings he experienced in social situations. Reflected as a dissonant part in the musical work continued by a low-key string part with an added silence. It was a period of overcoming, of occult science and true life experiments with social events gaining clarity to move beyond accumulated illusions in the deep subconscious.

The main insight the author has gained from the period of overcoming which he aims to describe to his readers is the fact that love has to be an egoistical thing, moving beyond the concept of christian love (meaning self-sacrifice) and instead building upon free will and passion resulting in personal happiness. An individual enterprise. Love is not a self-sacrificial thing to the author but a thing making the individual stronger and more attuned to the reality of the Universal Mind experienced sometimes in nature.

From the author's perspective his mission is primarily to relieve his readers from boredom.

The composer recommends connecting the audio output of the computer to a good audio system with high volume.
This work benefits from a powerful audio system.

Celestial Darkness can be downloaded here.


Beyond the ordinary path of existence a new record was made in the end of the summer of 2020. This record describes the journey of liberation the composer/singer/songwriter made during the summer. A path of liberation aiming to liberate the artist from the bondage of isolation, wrong surroundings and lack of money.

The record is made up of four songs. Each song describing the journey Andreas Ingo made as he progressed towards his goal.

Listen to the songs in the right order for a deeper listening experience.


01 - Jazzed
02 - Escape
03 - Optic Nerve
04 - Mutual Trust

The cover to the record can be downloaded in a larger version here.

The Secret Of The Golden Age

A new digital painting was made in the middle of autumn 2020 as seen above. This painting represents the hidden treasures found beyond travel on the other side in the dimensions of the afterlife. It has a certain New Age vibe still it's not limited to that piece of philosophy. Rather building on the comic book artists such as Moebius, Siemens and Jodorowsky.

A comic book look the artist (Andreas Ingo) found when looking up images on the net some time ago. Still the painting has a deep personal touch he discovered when he started painting on his digital reading device and later on his personal computer in the summer of 2019. It represents the inner world of will and darkness transcending darkness to move into the light to discover a power unknown to the artist.

Take a look at the painting to the right "The Tree Of Life" which was one painting that started the artist's journey into digital painting.

From the beginning "The Secret Of The Golden Age" had a hint of madness and war but that element was removed in a later stage and improved the art according to the artist. It was a dangerous experiment with occult powers the artist just have started to understand. Close to the end he understood that madness has to be balanced with reason giving birth to comedy as described by philosophers such as Aristotle.

Don't take love too seriously. Don't overestimate your powers. Enjoy life in deep rest and do whatever you need to do to survive. Then leave room for passion.

The painting can be downloaded here.


A new heavy metal epic in the style of "Stairway To Heaven". Time and money invested in a sound resembling the musician's (Andreas Ingo's) earlier effort "Freedom To Speak" but heavier.

Listen and enjoy!
Download the song "Words III" here: Words III


A new classical work inspired by the composer's experience with Universal Mind. It's about the horrific amusement to delve deep into the heart of the multi-verse. The work is built upon a structure of the string quartet in classical music very much used before by composers such as Ludvig Van Beethoven hundreds of years ago. This is a work that may seem dark but is pretty bright anyway.

When the purpose of the work is to inspire others along similar lines.

Listen and enjoy.

Sublimity can be downloaded as a MP3-File here: Sublimity

Retrospect Albums

Presenting three music albums made very much with recording software for the android device, an electric guitar and soft vocals. The concept was to make albums with a minimalist mindset. The focus was the song-writing involved still also with a deep music theory consciousness. The inspiration was to explore music ideas such as knowledge about key signatures, time signatures, harmonic theory and more. Knowing the rules but bending the rules when necessary.

Listen to the songs in the right order for a deeper listening experience.


This album describes the path of a lone biker moving across a landscape immersed in nature. A personal album describing the conquest Andreas Ingo made of mountain climbs, river swims and the ignition of fires in the woods. A will to distance himself from the modern world to find inner depth.


Social is about the conquest of social life beyond nature to explore the joy of christmas celebrations, chance encounters with strangers and more personal encounters with friends. The concept is a contrast to Shortcuts which was about the opposite. And Social is not necessary as deep as the previous record. It is rather about the joy of social life when it leads to the magic found in city life parties.


Simplify is a fitting end to the trilogy of albums exploring the concept of death in a metaphoric sense meaning the stillness found in good rest, a cup of coffee and simple walks. The end of ambitions to build energy for other pursuits. It is also about the sublime pleasure of the act itself. That it is hard to say if the end of activity is worse than having all the fun in the world. Decide for yourself.
01 - Infinity
02 - Rebel
03 - The Ocean Of Wrong Goodbyes
04 - Earthbound
05 - Integration
06 - Unconditioned
07 - Calm
08 - Sunlight
09 - Home
01 - Downtime
02 - Absinthe
03 - Enjoyment Factor
04 - Breathe
05 - Happy
06 - Freedom
01 - Silence
02 - Bending
03 - Key Change
04 - Transgression
05 - Serious
06 - The Reaper
07 - Eclectic


An experimental record made using the FastTracker II program for MS-DOS with a synthetic perspective. It is about the dream of revolution primarily as described by Ludvig Van Beethoven in his symphony "Eroica" hundreds of years ago. Still it is not classic music by any means. Rather a somewhat somber electronic dreamscape with edgy elements to find a music structure more complex than many ordinary attempts in popular music.

Download the cover and listen to the songs in the right order for a better musical experience.

01 - Wavelength
02 - Sure
03 - Roughneck
04 - Shadowplay

Inner states beyond static...


A classical piece of music made with the intention to describe the feeling of humanism in musical terms. Describing the intention to work for human rights in a world clouded by self-interest. To replace christian values in the modern era where science, art and creativity to some extent have made organized religion obsolete.

In technical terms the work is made from a dynamic perspective where subtle variations in tempo, intensity and volume suggest the theme described with inspiration coming primarily from Claude Debussy's "Clair De Lune".

Download Airlock here.



An experimental electronic piece of music made from the perspective of structure and form using four tracks in a tracker program. One with a heavy bassline, one with a synth-voice for riffing, one for melody and finally one for percussion. Experimenting with the form actually finding inspiration from this simple setup to bend the possibilities of music.

A heavy sound with dark vocals about existential issues.

Download the song here.



A new digital painting made for leisure at the beginning. A leisure that became something more in the end.

- * - The dispassionate dream of pure thinking - * -

It is about the discovery of mathematics as an aesthetic choice. That something resembling abstract forms with a mathematical connection can look interesting.

The full sized painting can be downloaded



An electronic music album written in the FastTracker II program for MS-DOS. An attempt at teenager nostalgia written pretty recently with a dark electronic sound. Inspired by giants in the electronic underground scene such as Klaus Schulze, J.M Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

There's something about fading away into an electronic dreamscape at night while watching images emerge from nowhere.

Listen and enjoy!



A personal take on progressive metal with dissonant song structures, odd chords and heavy bass lines. Taking inspiration from progressive metal bands such as Opeth, Tool and Steven Wilson.

What if the end of human enlightenment was contrary to spiritual teachings to some extent?

01 - Sinistra
02 - Freeer
03 - Freak
04 - Drowning
05 - Dystopia


A scary song describing the eerie feeling of professional work as that can suppress feelings but elevate the mind from the bondage of irrationality.

A bold statement concerning the song writer too (Andreas Ingo) as he had to give up on irrationality at one point to find structure and space for creation.

Delivering the hard facts. Suffering was involved too.

Listen and enjoy: Eerie


A new concept album using songs previously presented on this page. It is about the reality of a Swedish winter and the struggle that it entails. A concept that went into the making of the songs.

A mode of survival physically and mentally.

01 - Eerie
02 - Light
03 - Dark

Here is the cover to the album available for download in larger size: Winter

Listen and enjoy!


A new classical piece building on astronomical investigations the composer (Andreas Ingo) made some time ago. It is about the depth of vision of using a Binocular to inspect the strange formations on the moon, also the Pleiades and the sword of the giant Orion seen on the sky at night.

A work aiming to describe the feeling of astronomical investigations in musical terms.

Download the classical piece here.

The computer rendering to the left can be downloaded in larger size here.

Take a listen and enjoy!


A new digital painting by Andreas Ingo that started like a physical scetch.

Exploring the idea of arctic light and the sense of a life lived beyond the worn trail.

Is it possible?

The digital painting can be downloaded in full size here: Arctic.


A new classical work by Andreas Ingo describing the psychological phenomena of "Insomnia" in the form of a piano sonata written after a period of shallow sleep.

Pretty melancholic almost depressive sound expressing the longing for good conversation with other composers of a similar temperament.

An attempt to save a lonely winter's day.


From a technical perspective the work is building on the piano with several voices and no other instrument for simplicity.
It is also using a dramatic form used in movie soundtracks primarily.
Creating complexity with inventions such as a plot and a sub-plot contrasting with the main theme and building tension.
It is using the D-minor and A-minor keys to build further upon the contrasting element creating a sense of wholeness in the end.

Trying to merge classical music with new visions for movie soundtracks.


The classical work can be downloaded here: Insomnia.

Sublimity Collection

A classical music collection composed by Andreas Ingo with standalone songs coming together to build a larger whole.

These songs have previously been presented on this page.



01 - Sublimity
02 - Observer
03 - Insomnia
04 - Airlock


The emergence of man in the old plains of Africa still weak compared to the beast on the plain.

An image that has been haunting the painter (Andreas Ingo) for years.

Download the digital painting in larger size here.

References And The Other Side

Now I know better.

To create a total masterpiece demands a sky high goal and to be prepared to die to reach it.
Intellect is required but to me it's more about self-surrender.

It's impossible to fake it. Either you are willing to die for your art or the complete opposite.

You never know if you will make it.

Moreover it is also a surrender to The Universal Mind. To Satan. Man can never succeed on his own.
Perhaps it has always been this way.

I learnt that classics in rock music make you immersed in something greater than yourself -
yes something personal to the rockstars but alien to oneself -
it seems it's better to mix the personal with the impersonal.
And maybe even improve upon the originals.

"Metamusic" - music about music - is it possible to transcend that?

And when I sang I learnt not to try too hard, rather sing with a clean voice, not overdo it.
To memorize the lyrics 4-7 times, find the right tone, rhytm and total immersion.

To die for a masterpiece.

What more can be told?

"References And The Other Side" is a progressive rock song and can be downloaded here.

The cover for the song can be downloaded in larger size here.


A new song "Electric Vibes" inspired by the gloomy darkness of the prior song
but moving away from the dark into the light can be downloaded here.



A fast progressive rock song inspired by the song-writer's new experience to move into a large city in Sweden.
Reminding him of late night parties, odd drum-beats, fast play and the look of a born intellectual.

The possibility to catch a New Yorker's dream of total indulgence in city land.
Listening to Frank Sinatra, reading J.D. Salinger, drinking beer, laughing and having a really fun time.
An experience the song-writer really have had in the comfort of his own sleeping room.

Eerie flow of odd tunes.

That life not necessarily have to be "deep" all the time.

Download "Electric" here.

Neolithic Bells

A throwback to the middle-ages with inspiration derived from early human civilizations.
A celebration of human creativity to invent new ways to conquer the world and make it easier to understand.
A joy of creation leading to future conquests and glory.
But also an idea of death and the afterlife represented by grave sites in nordic countries.
Ideas of different kinds of celebrations that crept into the writing of the songs.

The music was written on the sheet to a large extent but also in a computer program called FastTracker II.
It represents a period of music exploration and study of the baroque and classical music forms leading to personal breakthroughs.
"Neolithic Bells" in particular was a fun experiment with the baroque music form.

The digital painting seen above ("Neolithic") was drawn by hand at first and later transferred into a computer program.
The idea was to create a digital painting describing the emotion conveyed by the music presented below to add to the listening experience.
It represents a will to push more for photorealism than before and less for personal leanings.


The arc of musical composition:



Short pieces of music connecting together with the intention to celebrate the human spirit.

Listen to the songs in the right order for a deeper listening experience.

01 - Celestial.
02 - Neolithic Bells.
03 - For Joy.

Ever After

(The progressive rock song...)

"Ever after" was composed after a difficult stay at my sister’s place on the western coast of Sweden. It was a nightmare where I totally had lost my energy due to existential issues. So I slept for two days and in between my desperate attempt to stay conscious I had some talk with my sister concerning the fact that going “drained of energy” and almost losing the mind is an issue in modern psychology.

Anyone can have a black-out from time to time.

The song was made from a total clean state. Nothing was known except the fact that I wanted to create something that I could be satisfied with in the end. This came about as I started to sense that the unknown pulled my into new directions never discovered before. I abandoned my previous ideas of “this is how it should be made” and rather entered the unknown.

This song is about that and the pressure put on myself to create something great and original.

I hope you like the end result.

The unknown as discovered in some forms of music...

The song-writer (myself) also took advantage of electronic effects found in the music program FastTracker II written for MS-DOS and running on a emulator written for Microsoft Windows. The program created a nice vibrato effect in part and also made it possible to change tempo and volume.

A lot could be written about that.

I am satisfied: I think music should be about existential issues. About our lives. That life is greater than art in a sense and the mix between both worlds deliver a kind of magic. Somehow I think that piece of philosophy entered the song-writing in part.

Take a listen and enjoy!


Download "Ever After" here.

Digital Chords II

(An electronic song with progressive elements)

An electronic piece that started like a small diversion and became something more in the end.

Take a listen and enjoy!


Digital Chords II

Summer's Breeze III

(An Electronic Piece Of Music With Positive Vibes)

- - -
- - - - -
- - - _ - - -
- * - _ - *-A-* - _ - * -
- - - A - - -
- - - - -
- - -

Summer's Breeze III

Summer's Breeze - The Music Album

An experimental record fusing ideas such as references to music history,
with epic storytelling,
vibrato effects on the synthesizer and more.

01 - Electric
02 - References And The Other Side
03 - Electric Vibes
04 - Ever After
05 - Fusion Murder Upon A Train
06 - Digital Chords
07 - Summer's Breeze

Download the cover in full size here.


Rubber Engine

(An alternative music album with a hint of irony and...)

It is a new record blending the genres of jazz, classical music, indiepop, progressive metal and classical music again in that order.
It was written in a soft mood where the writer (Andreas Ingo) made plans of finding a new job in a large city in Sweden.
A sign of hope for the future and very much a record with a honest approach.

That life can amount to much more than watching TV or something else most people find boring...

Download the songs here:

01 - Rubber Engine
02 - Moonwatcher
03 - Failure
04 - Thunder
05 - Choir


With inspiration coming from countless nights listening to
all sorts of music.


Time tells...

An eerie trip in fairytale land. - "Failure" as a hint of coming success!



(A hint of summer and better things to come...)

A digital painting describing a view of jail leading the way to true freedom.
A mode of thought narrowing down multiple options to a singular vision building strength.
A thought that has haunted the painter (Andreas Ingo) for years.

Technically speaking the digital painting was an experiment with cloud formations building upon true observations of Swedish skies.
Also quite representative of reality in the way the trunks for the red flowers clung to the fence.
In contrast to that the sun depicted in the painting was more abstract in nature.

Download the full sized painting here.


(An alternative music record with a search for classical music and the abstract)

A record made with the intention to mix differentiation in album-structure with unity and coherence.
Classical music mixing with synth-pop, darkwave and abstract mathematical ideas to find something original.
With that said it's also building a lot upon scientific investigations of traditional and non-traditional music forms.

Take a listen and enjoy!

01 - Beauty
02 - Fixed
03 - Transition
04 - System
05 - Abstraction
06 - Ending



(A long slept hazy dream in an electronic landscape)

Made with the intention to create an electronic production with great care for chord styles, melodies and electronic arrangements.
To be awoken from a long slept dream to push into the eerie light of the day.
And also to be entertained.

01 - Cozy
02 - Sleepy
03 - Precursor
04 - Risen
05 - Evening
06 - Night

The cover to the album can be downloaded in full size here.


The Light Of The Beast - The Novella
Erratic Pain - The Short Story
The Other - The Novel
Ghost Walker - The Short Story Collection
Sanity Asylum - The Short Story Collection
Ascension - The Novel
Fading Blue Sun

Alien Forever The Novel
Alien Forever
The Forgotten Nomad
Star Diary