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Continuation is a project that the author ever had in mind when he dreamt of alien lands and countless adventures as a young adolescent. The endless journey. Confronting new places, new people and strange habitats. This dream was about to become a reality when he started with travel as a young adult. First going by car in his home country Sweden. Then extending this to include South Europe, South East Asia, India and South Africa. But it's a journey that not only includes physical space. But also the space of the fictional worlds of science-fiction writers, progressive rock musicians and the great surrealist artists. It also includes the occult space of the astral worlds and the inner sphere of fantasy and darkness.

Continuation is the lifelong process of enlightenment and personal liberation put to words in a fictional context. Using science-fiction themes as metaphor's for the author's journey. Striving for high art and the abstract but still being grounded in the solid frame of the multi-verse. The science-fiction works presented on this site reflects the author's journey but also his solid passion for science-fiction writing. And he is commited to keep this process going as long as he lives. He simply has not found any greater passion in life.

Pushing further. Exploring the unknown with the philosophy to brake new ground, explore new ideas and concepts. And at the same time find way for great emotion. As a sharp intellect has to be combined with great emotion to feel the change occuring within.

Creating one's own future.

About the Author

Andreas Ingo was born in Vasteras, Sweden on Jan 30, 1978. He began his writing career in his teenage years with a fairly clumpsy attempt at writing a short story. This was the story of a female mind-control victim making battle with mysterious alien beings. Taking place in a dark universe with bold characters. This story was called Alien Forever. It was bad on all accounts but the initial inspiration made him build on that story. It took shape later in the form of a movie script, a novella and at last a full length novel. These story-lines just improved with time as the author never could leave the initial inspiration behind. Hounted in dreams, day-dreams and physical encounters.

The author is not interested in trivia. He is fond of exploring the big questions: The mystery of space, time and existence. He is interested in dark occultism, travels, chance encounters with strangers, philosophy, art and science. He is getting more involved with radical politics. But this is politics of freedom and liberation, not conformity.

As a writer his main influences are the classic science-fiction author's like Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and Joe Haldeman. In later years he has developed a big interest in the classic horror writers. These writers include Arthur Machen, H.P Lovecraft and Robert Louis Stevenson. Outside genre literature he is equally interested in the great classical novelists including Ernest Hemingway, Jack London and George Orwell. What is of greatest importance to him is that the the story resonates in a deep layer of the emotional cortex. That the writing evokes a kind of emotion connecting to himself beyond the surface mind. It's a kind of knowing that goes beyond the superficial. And these kind of writings tend to be very memorable and rewarding.

If he would put all he stood for in one line he would say: "Be yourself."

- A song by the author describing this mode of consciousness -

Freedom To Speak


Continuation has been up and running since 2016. A thrilling ride where the author has framed his written works of fiction in digital space. It hasn't ended with fiction. The author has presented a new spiritual system simply called "My New Spiritual System" and it is not "spiritual" in a traditional sense. It is rather the work of a dark occultist. Discovering the ego, hate and darkness. Sexuality, individuality and illusions (Among other things). Later moving beyond these states of mind for a journey into the mental aspects of the individual soul.

Leading to great knowledge and power. Connecting to what usually is described as The Universal Mind.

My New Spiritual System

The Other - The Novel What truly should interest his readers though is the insights he has gained since he presented "My New Spiritual System" to his readers at the beginning of 2017. And these insights have proven to be of monumental importance. So much in fact that the author sometimes has been thinking about presenting a new spiritual system to his readers. As a relief he presented his new novel "The Other" some time ago describing a new mode of consciousness with more focus on the intellect. An intellect that incorporates the emotional phase he was describing earlier with a more mental phase coming later.

Making room for intellectual leaps that stresses the importance of choosing the intellect as the decisive force in life. To choose consciously, build one's own values and to perceive life with subjective glasses. Moving beyond the will but listening to the will for a better understanding of the self.

Response From Readers

A lot of transformations have occurred to the author during his years as a writer. But on the whole the response from his readers has been astounding overall. Not just limited to fiction but also concerning his travel stories, his music (Presented on his blog "The zone of free will”), his articles about dark occultism, personal development, spirituality and more.

These works have changed the lives of several people he has met. It's his uncompromising attitude to be true to his self no matter the investment. They appreciate his earnest will to present revealing texts for no charge.

And being completely original in the process.

He has been discovered as a featured author on around a year ago. Becoming selected as a "Featured" author of novels such as Alien Forever: The Novel and Ascension by a group of people. For quality content.

Earlier he was selected for the Swedish anthology "Maskinblod 2" available in many Swedish libraries. Earlier reviewed very positively by Swedish writing students and teachers at “Ölands folkhögskola” and “Geijerskolan”. For the writing of stories such as “Ideer” and “Vaktskifte”.

Changes in writing style have developed over the years as he has progressed on his path as a writer. According to most readers they like the dark emotion, the will to break new ground and explore new concepts. It’s also the sense of character, solid world-building skills and a deep personal touch. People love the way his works present a passionate escape from ordinary matters. Still being honest (And metaphorically “realistic”) in approach.

Filling an empty void with inner truths resonating in the deep unconscious. A need for clarity and emotion sorely lacking in the modern world.

The author is communicating with his readers and listeners on Facebook. The general impression is that most people are easy to reach concerning all kind of topics. The author is fond of establishing a good connection with his readers and listeners. And what has been revealed in these encounters is that the ideas presented on this site are pretty easy to comprehend for most people. It's sometimes about the "obvious". Still just "obvious" for the ones truly stumbling on these ideas.

Topics that have been appreciated by many are the knowledge of the self, the ego and an unconventional life-style. Finding the way to a greater appreciation of the "hidden" aspects of the self. But also topics like travel adventures, general intelligence, systems of control and spiritual death. Lately the response from his readers (And listeners) has made him more uncompromising in style. The new style is darker, edgier and building on a lateral thinking model. Describing a path beyond simple categories into the hidden aspects of the self.

A few of his latest songs “Plateaus” ,"Futile Dimensionality" and "Fragments" sums up his new found consciousness.

Listen and enjoy!

A New Mode Of Consciousness

It's strange how it happens. During the end of summer 2018 the author began a new period of personal development marking a bold transition from his former life. It was a period where the auhor found inspiration in Stoic philosophy to transcend his previous notions of success. To Include all insights from the past but also to uphold and prioritize pure action resulting in the attempt to start a revolution.

It is about affirming suffering and enduring hells to make the body and mind adjust to the demands of professional work, erotic encounters and to move beyond what is expected using disciplines such as body building, martial arts and many others. But it is not a suffering resulting in personal sacrifice. Rather a suffering emanating from the human soul to find passion in tuff situations. About building psychological and physical muscles to endure the troubles in the now, the past and in the future.

The new written works of fiction including "Erratic Pain" , "Insignificant" and "Beginners" describe this mode of consciousness in a direct way. It is about the tuff demands of the information age. The negative aspect of power structures and to find a sublime pleasure in suffering itself. Leading to personal growth.

It is also about transcending the concept of The Universal Mind to find the way to the soul. Described by thinkers such as Carl Jung but also an individual thing. Leading to a sense of purity, dark emotion and a will to contribute something new to the world. Not limited to past legends.

Music Studio

A new piece of music called "Empty" describes this new mode of consciousness in a sonic way. It is about strong work ethics, not clouded by external demands. But to transcend the troubles of the world to make the world much more easy to grasp and conquer. Still not to the loss of other person's wills. Rather the opposite.

As a sonic experience the new song uses inspiration found by analysis of all kinds of music. Including classical music, progressive metal acts and movie sound tracks. It is marking a new period for the author as a musician as he has adopted a more serious approach to write music aiming for revolution.

Listen and enjoy: Empty

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