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A novel by Andreas Ingo


Alien Forever is the culmination of a long process of indulgence into the unknown depths of the subconscious. A novel taking inspiration from countless adventures into physical space. Countless travels into different countries, including Cambodia, Germany and South Africa. But it’s a long process taking several years with an ever deepening interest in science-fiction films, gothic rock music and horror literature.

The ideas behind the novel began with my initial interest in writing. Alien Forever took many forms over the years. Beginning with a clumsy attempt at writing a short story. Becoming a film script and later another short story. Describing a meeting between two lovers on a desolate planet. One of them interesting in dystopia, one of them in utopia and then describing the conflict that arose between them.

The fluid style of the novel arose due to my trips around the world primarily though. Discovering strange rocks on a paradise island along the coast of Cambodia. Reminding of the style in H.R Giger’s surrealist art. A style giving birth to the Alien in the Alien films by Ridley Scott, James Cameron and others. But this fluid sensation of the unknown was enhanced by a discovery of the early works of Salvador Dali in a museum in central Berlin. Where sketches of Alien shapes made me think that H.R Giger found inspiration in Dali for his own designs of the Alien shape that came later. It was a revelation to me.

I went back from my occasional travels with a dark and twisted imagination enhanced by my ever growing interest in the surreal. Pulling me into new directions never discovered before. But I worked on my initial inspiration to discover new layers of understanding inside the subconscious. Look at this book as a means to pull out these layers. To twist the truth and to delve deep into a dark illusion giving birth to a new understanding.

To bend the rules only to abandon them in the end.





Heidi De Vare was the front figure of a movement of intellectuals coming together after a world wide crisis of starvation and environmental disaster after world war 3. The buildings of New York came down before these events, huge helicopters sending bombs of utter destruction into the main buildings of the American capital. Buildings crashing into the plain surface of Times Square pavements. People running like crazy along the New York streets. Cataclysmic events preceded these events, earthquakes of enormous magnitude sinking large parts of New York to great depths.

It was a mysterious event, foretelling a future of New Age philosophy described by Heidi De Vare and others. The truth of the world was that the universe was multi-dimensional. The universe was a construct of conscious energy. Creating different scenarios depending of the beliefs of the general population and the earth itself. Heidi De Vare worked on a method to change these beliefs into more constructive ones: Speaking of world peace, environmental sustainability and countless other things. She didn’t succeed at first. But she won the hearts and minds of the U.N officials after a long debate between the different members. It was about time as too many had been killed and many sought revival.

But it was a strange time. A strange time indeed. New laws were put to practise. Conflicts were kept down to a minimum due to U.N forces. And people found ways to live more in tune with nature. Describing a philosophy of love, peace and understanding. Not too different from the esoteric systems of enlightenment that closed off groups had talked about before. But it was a strange event as some people didn’t accept the new doctrine. They found their way into the depths of sunken New York: Hiding in bunkers, on artificial islands and many other places including the moon.

Questions arose on the subject of good and evil. The holocaust of war was a hard matter. As people wanted to live but also hated the enforcement of world peace that came later.

And a conversation arose between the U.N members.



Heidi De Vare was at the centre of the shiny and polished table connecting the members of the general assembly. One individual stuck out among the others though. At that was a chairman of a multi-national company working with space technology. His name was Tengram Williams and was connected to the meeting due to his financial support. He was no real politician. He was just put there due to the richness of his capital. Supporting the politicians financially and the general space-colonization agenda with new technology. Now he had moved into the subject of good and evil as he foresaw a coming turn of world events. The debate took many forms. Some politicians talked about the problem of the outsiders. The intellectuals hiding in the depths of New York, the artificial islands and the closed off corners of the moon. These intellectuals didn’t believe in the philosophy of the new world order. They coloured the time before the new world order as a better period than the period that came later. Almost foretelling a future war but being too smart to talk about it loudly.

Tengram Williams was not one of those. He was just an opportunistic corporate leader taking advantage of the general consensus wanting the colonization of space for many reasons. So the moon had grown a rich colony of outsiders finding their way to live alone. These people had adopted a different philosophy of ego, hate and darkness as they saw no other way to escape the perils of the future world.

The debate took many turns and Tengram Williams was questioned about the new philosophy emerging on earth and in the depths of space. He said that the philosophy of Heidi De Vare and others was grounded on the idea of transpersonal psychology. That the human strife was not the strife for pure base needs but a deep social one extending the human will to live for others also. Creating a sustainable world of global interconnectedness working for the benefit of the human race as a whole and also for earth itself. But what if transpersonal psychology was reversed? If the end of human enlightenment would be to affirm ego, hate and darkness to deeper levels finding the light at the end of the tunnel? A process described by past intellectuals on the left hand path. The left hand path affirmed ego, hate and darkness not to end up in hell. But to create a new world order grounded in the nature of human consciousness. The question was the question of human nature. Was the human soul actually evil or was it good? If it was evil the strife to create a world built on transpersonal psychology would fail. And it would result in another world war.

So what was the truth?

“I think you are mixing up elements of truth with a dark agenda.” Heidi De Vare said to Tengram Williams. She was blushing a bit as she had a good manner of empathy and a longing for mutual contact. A blue shirt was put on the attractive body of the U.N informant.

“A dark agenda?” Tengram Williams asked rhetorically.

“Yes.” Heidi said, “We all know about the interests of the outcasts in the depths of space. They are coming from a background of crime and anarchy. They are living by themselves and are not serving the general population.”

“But the argument still holds.” Tengram Williams said, “Transpersonal psychology looks bright on the surface but as science has started to reveal the human soul is egocentric in nature. Finding support in new experiments after the war.”

The politicians were listening to the bearded man. He wore a black suit and green tie. Wearing sunglasses at times but now sitting without. They all knew about the interests of the smiling jackal. Finding ways to earn money from the egoistical drive of the space-tourists. Wanting to live on the moon to escape the burdens of the general citizens. Never living for others. He came from a background in the financial sector. Learning about society and the psychology of the general population. But man could be reformed he said. This was evident after the events after the third world war. Nobody could believe in him but they had to listen as he gave the politicians financial support. So what about the general man? Was the question of good and evil a serious question or was it just talk to pull the outsiders food for their own survival? The politicians just laughed and the corporate leader left the meeting with a bad taste in his mouth.

Later he talked to the stockholders of the international company and was put to ease by a nice looking woman. Holding his back.

“You lost the competition but you will rise to power in the end.” The woman said, “Think about the money.” She said with a wicked smile, “Think of the entire world!”



Marillion Sinclair was a pale looking woman. Twenty-three years old and having a strange haircut with greenish lines intersecting the pale white hair with a parallax effect. She was a deep space explorer at heart but rather sitting in the comfort of her black sofa watching horror films on constant repeat. Eating pizza, macaroni and other soft dishes delivered by automatic transport devices. It was a horrific future by any means: At least to her. She watched the films with a nihilistic longing for death and darkness and had a subconscious drive for some kind of inner transformation. But she never could formulate a clear picture of her ideal future.

A repeating signal came from the door and the shape of Marillion's younger brother Trent Sinclair materialized in the closed off space of a teleportation device. The teleportation device connected to Marillion's door which now was opened by her.

“What do you want?” she asked her younger brother.

A shiny blue light came from the inner space of the teleportation device. Marillion actually lived deep down below the earth surface. In an old bunker used by military forces in the protection from world war 3. Now the bunker had been decorated by strange gothic rock icons. Replicas of alien forms were found in the periphery by standard measure. A white light came from the ceiling creating a stroboscopic effect. Marillion was not content by any means. And the emergence of her brother’s shape made her angry.

“What do you want?” Marillion asked again.

“I want you to follow me on a bungee jump from the skyscraper of my friend’s apartment.”

“I want to be by myself.” Marillion said.

“Yes, you say so but what do I care?” Trent said, “I had to seek you out.”

“You know I live for my dreams primarily.” Marillion said.

“Fuck you!” Trent said and went into the kitchen. He collected pieces of a half-eaten pizza, took out some coca-cola from the fridge and just sat down on a broken chair to collect broken impressions.

“You can’t eat it.” Marillion said.

“I surely can.” Trent said, “You don’t know what you’re missing out.”

“I know about the drill of the dead youngsters.” Marillion said, “But it will lead to nothingness in the end.”

“Why so?”

“Because you are just ruining your life with physical activity.” Marillion said, “Killing your inner drive.”

“You’re crazy.”

And Trent went out of the kitchen and entered the teleportation device. A bluish light was lit and the narrow shape of Marillion’s younger brother evaporated in thin air. Marillion walked up to the teleportation device and closed the door. She sat down in the comfort of her black sofa. Putting on the horror films on a strange repeat. She watched shapes of alien forms killing innocents with dreaded acting. To their own undoing. As the heroes always won in the end. Marillion gasped for air watching a fan in the ceiling coming to a sudden halt. And as she drifted into a state between sleep and waking consciousness she dreamt up an image of an alien shape coming out of the bunker’s wall. A black shape of horror and death attacking Marillion in the perception of her own mind. Drowning in a black abyss of murderous thoughts. Thinking about revolution of the darkest kind. And she immediately lost consciousness.

. . . To read the full novel download the PDF-File and read on . . .

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