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Some notes to Andreas Ingo's readers:

The books available on this page can be downloaded for FREE and be read with a PDF-Reader on a digital reading device or on a personal computer such as a MAC or a PC. Andreas Ingo thinks books with a high art value are not something that necessarily have to be bought for a large expense at a book store. The author rather thinks literature actually can be improven with the idea of giving books away to an online community. Just for the purpose of spiritual revolution. Some of the books such as Ideas (that conveys the message of this "Continuation" site pretty well) can be read online on this site in addition to be downloaded as a PDF-File. Additional stories can also be read online on Andreas Ingo's portfolio pages on In the future maybe some of the books (or ALL) will be available in EPUB format too as requested by several readers. If you have difficulty of reading the books in PDF-Format on your digital reading device or on your personal computer you can hopefully download PDF-Reader software from Adobe's homepage.

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Read a short science-fiction story online -


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...And Read Further...

Beginners - The Novel

A novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power.
Some kind of beast coming alive in Nazi Germany before the second world war.
A time of tanks, state police and secret service.

A bold statement concerning chess
connected to the author’s attempts to master the game.
A work towards personal victory.


The novel is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

Insignificant - Future Memoirs

Writing my memoirs has to be a secret topic. It has to be something personal, odd and forgotten. Forgotten in the sense that it has to have a vague notion of things. Separate from how things turned out and rather having a subjective quality to it. Like a ghost haunting. Not necessary how things happened.

Insignificant is the author’s natural progression from works such as Alien Forever: The Novel.
A bold entrance into the domains of future colonialism.
A strange story resembling the autobiographical
journey of the author.
Futuristic horror taken beyond conventions
into the dark domain of

Just read and enjoy!

The memoirs is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

Adaptation And Other Short Stories

A construction design artist lost in the modern world.

A bold adventure beyond physical existence.

A post-apocalyptic story about a man returning from outer space to a polluted earth.

The short story collection contains three different stories. Sharing no similarities except being products of the author’s heart, mind and soul. To present a work fitting for searchers in the modern era.

Just read and enjoy!

The collection is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

The Light Of The Beast - The Novella

A metaphoric tale merging the idea of hell with futuristic scifi/horror.

Samson Reynolds is the head of a working unit in a futuristic refinery. It's a place of dreamless sleep, sudden awakenings and the hum of cooling devices. A man confronting harsh working conditions, giving orders, taking care of work as usual.

But something strange is going on...

The Light Of The Beast is the author's metaphor of hell: A place of suicide workers, angels and demons taking shape in a material context. It's a hellish marsh against the nature of reality: Supernatural occurrences, suppressed memories and Alien wolfs lusting for blood.

Somewhere in the past lies the key to the future: An adventure beyond space and time, giving birth to a dialogue between desperate searchers, going deeper, uncovering the past, changing perspectives and doing battle against the dark lord himself.

Is there a way out of hell?

The novella is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

Erratic Pain - The Short Story

A partly disabled outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight.

A bold mystery transcending all concepts of pleasure and pain.

A journey into a land of eternal beauty.

Erratic Pain is the most personal story written by the author this far. A story with clear parallels to his own life. A story of beauty and wonder bending the rules of fantasy storytelling.

Aiming for high literature.

Read and enjoy!

The short story is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

The Other - The Novel

A secret work devoid of presentation.

A comfortable assurance of a new direction.

Best to experience for oneself.

The Other is the culmination of a long period of seclusion into the urban surroundings of Vasteras, Sweden. A long journey into different modes of thought presented by the cornerstones of the information age.

A bold journey to some extent contradicting past philosophy.


To Andreas Ingo's readers:

Time marches on and a bit more can be revealed (2022-03-30)...

After many readings of this text the author have come to some conclusions. And that is that it is an odd novel. In fact a dystopian scifi/horror novel with an intellectual approach. It's merging a poetic love of the cosmos with deep characterizations and a brutally honest depiction of life on earth still a bit darker than that.

Not entirely "realistic" much more written from the perspective of a writer putting out his emotions on paper.

It should be read with a free-thinkers frame of mind. With some connection to contemporary society. Describing a spiritual philosophy from the perspective of an outcast journalist having a rare experience. And a lot of the ideas presented can be used to fuel individual thought.

That reality should not be assumed but rather experienced and felt.


Read and enjoy!

The novel is available for download in PDF-Format.


An excerpt from the novel can

also be read online.

Ghost Walker And Other Short Stories

A peculiar intellectual.

A vision of the ultimate horror.

And a war story about supreme power.

Ghost Walker And Other Short Stories is a sometimes horrific account of dystopian science-fiction. Sometimes uplifting food for thought. And at last a dark vision of alternate history.

A major work negating the inspiration from other authors.

Read and enjoy!

The collection is available for download in PDF-Format.

Sanity Asylum And Other Short Stories

In a sphere of distorted time. In a time-line with multiple fragments a mysterious individual confronts a dark destiny. A destiny of pleasure and shallow occurrences.

Upon the arid plains close to Gibraltar a peaceful warrior fights for survival. And a teenager girl accepts the concept of a dying world.

Leading to a story of acceptance.

Sanity Asylum And Other Short Stories is a product of a change in consciousness from the author's point of view. A journey beyond knowledge into the domain of lies, paradoxes and strange occurrences. Describing dionysian pleasure and the domain beyond. Ending in dark acceptance of a new form of life.

Read and enjoy!

The collection is available for download in PDF-Format.

Ascension - The Novel

Trent Montgomery and Alice Sipher are two government informers working on a similar contract in the future. Born in the colonial world of interstellar space around 2700 A.D. The vast regions of space contains a rich territory of planets, star-systems and space-stations. It is a time where man’s connection to nature has been limited to certain terrariums and planetary reserves. The new time is also witnessing the birth of a new colonial crisis. Displaying characteristics of wars, deceases and different colonial policies.

The true causes of the crisis can not be found. Alice Sipher and Trent Montgomery are confronted with a complex information task. Using all available resources, including their own, to isolate the symptoms to the new crisis. It is a problem that can’t be solved by a simple information process. A creative solution is needed. A new approach to complex information. Described in detail by cutting edge science. Tested in local terrariums and on the planetary reserve of Ascension.

Ascension is a story describing a deviant path of conscious evolution. Where two government informers will use new approaches to complex information solving. Using both hemispheres of the brain. Using deep ecology theories, strange occultism, philosophy and art to attain a new form of consciousness.

A deep story of man, his future consciousness and nature.

Raising perplexing questions and also presenting new possibilities.

Aiming at unity consciousness.


To Andreas Ingo's readers:

"Ascension" is a pretty demanding book intellectually. It can be a bit dry sometimes taking inspiration from the hard sf-novels by Arthur C. Clarke primarily. What was important to the writer was that what is described actually has some connection to the reality of the future (Not as a fact of course but more in concept).

Some connection to the reality of the future is the writer's aim but not necessarily regarding the fantastic world described but rather regarding the philosophy presented.

It should be read by serious SF-readers searching for substance over cosmetics still it's pretty visual too.

Most important is the idea of elevated consciousness and how it can be used to inform future politics.

Still it can be fun too.


Ascension is available for download in PDF-Format.

An excerpt from the novel can be read online.

The Legend Of The Fading Blue Sun And White Amber The Black Magician

Beyond the body. Beyond the limits of space and time a celestial drama is playing out among angels and demons. Among gods and ordinary men. It is a drama describing an interconnected reality of many worlds. Coming together in the perception of two occultist’s minds. One leaning towards the light, one leaning towards the dark.

What if history could be seen in the lens of a passionate explorer? Reaching forward, reaching back. To find the truth of existence and mankind?

The Legend of The Fading Blue Sun and White Amber The Black Magician is one of the author’s favourite pieces of fiction to some extent describing the journey he made beyond the body. Also to some extent the journey of his physical travels. Combining the two in an illusory way.

It is a lush description of a war between man and himself.

Aiming at excellence.


To Andreas Ingo's readers:

This story doesn't truly depict reality. It's rather a fun illusion with a dark approach.
Something to read if you as a reader search for something dreamlike, scary and otherworldly.
The philosophies of the main characters are not something the author follows by himself.

Take it as that: A fun reality-bender that might say something for some readers
that might have an odd life-experience.

Something that can be digested to find energy for more "real" pursuits.

Be more positive!


The novella is available for download in PDF-Format.

It can also be read online.

Alien Forever - The Novel

It is the ending of World War 3 and the birth of a new time. A time devoid of war and struggle. Speaking of love, peace and understanding. But a multi-national corporate leader called Tengram Williams is finding great problems with the current doctrine. Hinting at an opposite view of human nature: Of ego, hate and darkness. Transcending the scientific theories of the day.

The question arises about the problem of good and evil.

Alien Forever is the end result of a long journey into the depths of the subconscious. Conducted by the author on a journey to far off lands. Including the countries of Cambodia, Germany and South Africa. A journey taking him into close encounters and several travails. Still it's more like a fun thought-experiment than actuality.

A fun thought-experiment written to challenge simple assumptions.


To Andreas Ingo's readers:

This novel can be pretty dark a lot of times. It's a mind-bender. What if "spirituality" only was true to some percent? It doesn't represent the spiritual philosophy followed by the writer only that he has realized that too much love can repress emotions and make the follower a drone blindly following spiritual teachings to the loss of individuality, power and vitality.

Reality to the writer is more bright than the way it is depicted in the novel.

Look at the book as a thought-provoking mind-experiment and think for yourselves.


An excerpt from Alien Forever is available to read online.

The novel is available to be downloaded in PDF-Format.

The document also includes the sequel Perspectives about the future life of one of the main characters in the story.

Consolation - The Novella

I can hardly remember it. My past life as a lone explorer. Travelling the universe as a reckless outsider. And now I’m sitting here in a compact bunker waiting for the work-shift to begin tomorrow. I’m just sitting here. It’s like I have lost sense of time and space. Just staring at a blank communication device...

Consolation is about a lone explorer lost to work and routine. Confronting boredom, brutal co-workers and a closed off environment. He has totally forgotten about his past and has psychological evaluations. It leads to inertia, violent confrontations and at last a horrible murder.

Will he change his mind?

Consolation is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

Ideas - The Novella

Thandiwe and Mai-San are stuck in an african metropol in the nearby future. Watching a parade with lions, elephants and zebras passing by. The metropol is the dream of anarchy fully realized: People having parties, laughing, marching the city streets together. Enjoying themselves with a good economy. But Thandiwe have gotten tired of the endless sounds, sights and visions. Thinking about the shallowness of the entire culture...

Ideas is about a strange revolution in the near future. Telling a tale of two adolescent girls meeting at an annual parade. They are the meeting of two different forces: Thandiwe being a pessimistic intellectual and Mai-San a celebrator of life. Joining together for a strange game of creativity.

Will they win?

Ideas is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

Alien Forever - The Novella

Two space-travelers to meet on a barren planet. One from dystopia, seeking life. One from utopia, seeking death.

Their destinies are about to collide.

Alien Forever is a science-fiction horror story concerning the destiny of Leonide and Aldante in the continuum of being, time and space. Meeting by pure chance on a barren planet in the botton of a hellish power plant. They are coming from completely different worlds but are sharing the same genetic imprint. Belonging to a race of alien/human hybrids. Serving humanity in predictable ways. But as a mysterious space flight changes the course of human history the core of the hybrid's identity are starting to fade away.

Are the hybrids really alive?

Alien Forever is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

The Forgotten Nomad - The Novella

In a world of opposing heroes. Where rebellion turned to slavery. And the fight for survival left no clear options. There was a man of legend. A man in search for a better life. A freedom fighter on Europa. Who left the rebels in search for his own identity. Who journeyed into the unknown to find his alter ego.

The Forgotten Nomad is the story of young freedom fighter Fabian who lives on Jupiter's moon Europa. He has failed his mission. Seeing that his cause is the cause of freedom fighters only, not the average man's. He abandons his secret group and turns to work. A way to raise money beyond the chaotic ways of his criminal past. Getting submerged under the Europa ocean surface. Fighting sea monsters against his supervisor's orders. Only to meet two men in black suits. And his past is coming back to haunt him.

Finding his way to a new kind of freedom not related to the past.

The Forgotten Nomad is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

Star Diary - The Short Story Collection

One man to face an enemy on a mini-planet. Two free-thinkers on a journey to a forgotten nebula. One woman caught in epic mystery. Three stories connected by the central theme of transcendence.

To find the light in darkness.

Star Diary is a short story collection written by Andreas Ingo. It’s science-fiction with a spiritual angle. Science-fiction exploring existential themes. Taking the reader on a journey to the limits of human imagination.

And then beyond them.

Star Diary is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

Precognition - The Short Story Collection

One man torn between his dream and the love of his life. A magical recreation of subtle worlds. An unexpected metamorphosis of body and soul. A black beast of death on a misfortune island. And a lucid precognition of pre-memorial design.

Five stories written with a deep fascination for the unknown.

Precognition And Other Short Stories is a short story collection written by Andreas Ingo. Written in a period of lucid consciousness. Exploring big questions in a lucid way. Magical tales combining science-fiction with occult exploration and pure fantasy.

Resulting in personal discovery.

Precognition is available to read online and is also available for download in PDF-Format.

The Light Of The Beast - The Novella
Erratic Pain - The Short Story
The Other - The Novel
Ghost Walker - The Short Story Collection
Sanity Asylum - The Short Story Collection
Ascension - The Novel
Fading Blue Sun

Alien Forever The Novel
Alien Forever
The Forgotten Nomad
Star Diary