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Here is a link page with external links to resources outside of the "Continuation"-homesite itself.

You can visit Andreas Ingo's author pages on Facebook, Twitter or Booksie.

The portfolio pages on Booksie might be interesting for readers that can't read some of the author's written works on their computer or on their mobile phone/reading device. As many of the texts presented on this "Continuation"-homesite (Including his three english novels "Alien Forever - The Novel", "Ascension" and "The Other") only can be downloaded as PDF-Files here on the main site.

The texts presented on Booksie can be read for free as plain HTML.

External sites not maintained by Andreas Ingo but recommended to his visitors

Sites offering their digital content for free

Deviant Art where you can find great digital art.

Booksie a great site to find inspiring texts such as novels, poems and short stories.

Free Music Archive to download great music such as classical music, progressive metal and indie-pop songs.

Aint It Cool News where you can read cool film reviews.


The Light Of The Beast - The Novella
Erratic Pain - The Short Story
The Other - The Novel
Ghost Walker - The Short Story Collection
Sanity Asylum - The Short Story Collection
Ascension - The Novel
Fading Blue Sun

Alien Forever The Novel
Alien Forever
The Forgotten Nomad
Star Diary