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Ascension was a work that seemingly couldn’t be written. It was a work I tried to write countless times. A work where science-fiction share ground with occult science. A science of unity consciousness. It is describing a future where some people have evolved beyond ordinary sense-experience of the physical space/time matrix.

A time of beauty and wonder. A time where imagination share space with occult knowledge. Describing a new form of intelligence operating in the pool of human minds in the far-off future. A work aiming to describe a world much more fantastic than that of the pure imagination.

The realization: That the wonders of imagination pale in comparison to the truth of our own universe.

I had to abandon ordinary sense-experience to leave space for a clean mind. Abandon my thought: “This book should conform to the general patterns of science-fiction.” I tried to write it many times but failed. Every time I did it the world became too fantastic. The characters became too emotional, too intelligent and unreachable to readers looking for ordinary realism in science-fiction.

These were thoughts that had to be abandoned. Abandoned for a lucid journey into another mode of intelligence. Operating within the depths of unity consciousness. The story I really wanted to tell.

Ascension is that story.

A story of beauty and wonder aiming at unity consciousness.

Read and enjoy!




The origin of the universe was a hard matter. The expansion of space from a singularity, expanding from a singularity into new configurations. Pure energy took form into more dense matter in a process hard to understand from most scientists point of view.

But it was an interesting journey to some. A story resembling the writing of literature in some sense. A testing of new possibilities. Creation of order from chaos in a random process.

Some theories of cosmology gave attention to the hard problem of entropy. How anything could arise from a state of total chaos. The universe gave rise to atoms, molecules, stars and planets. Later organic molecules and life as most people experience it today.

Ascension was one possible planet existing within this ocean of possibility. A planet deemed a planetary reserve by future interstellar government. It was a planet important due to ecological factors. Existing in a future where mankind had evolved technologically beyond the limits experienced by most people living today.

It was 2708 A.D. Future humanity existed within a larger context of multiple planets, star systems and interstellar space. This humanity had joined together in a future democratic system. Devoid of many errors haunting humanity in the past.

Somewhere in this huge environment a child was born baptized Alice Sipher. She was born by artificial means but was taken care off by two government officials. They raised her to gradually evolve into a knowledgeable intellectual. Someone to care for human interests and to build a better future in a cooperative act.

Much could be said about the childhood and teenager years of this girl. She was continuously shown the richness of the world of Ascension. Not the actual reality but samples of it in terrariums created for educational/recreational purposes. She was shown the world, its lush combination of dark mineral cliffs and multi-coloured vegetation. Where predators such as Neophytes extended the foggy space of the terrariums to display something nasty.

These terrariums had become much more important to humanity as the arc of time pressed forward. Important because they were a link to humanity’s past. As the earth had gone industrial to ninety percent and not much of the earths original environments existed in an original form. The earth had become much more like a terraformed planet. Containing vegetation and natural environments but not so much linked to the past. Ascension was a prime example of a planet contradicting this unnatural scheme.

As a teenager Alice Sipher was introduced to future science, philosophy and art. Even spiritual movements and religion. All these different areas of human understanding had evolved beyond the level they had in the past. Science had (To quote famous intellectuals) “become something more than a belief in materialistic reduction”, “philosophy more than an intellectual exercise”, “religion more about secular interests rooted in the material world”, “spirituality not limited to New Age beliefs” and “art something with public utility.”

The young girl was keenly aware of the advances made in these areas. Aware, quite interested in areas of intellect, perception, awareness and much more areas introduced to the girl from young age. Schooled in these areas as a preparation for the future times to come.

Alice’s family was a family connected to the larger scheme of things in a special way. They represented a tiny fraction of humanity that was an essential part of the interstellar government and its agencies. The young girl Alice Sipher was thought upon as a child of great talent and rare qualities. She was introduced to the interstellar government from young age. To meet other individuals like Trent Montgomery, a child of a similar position. He lived a life in relative luxury and cultural abundance to become an informant for the interstellar government in the future. It was about the necessities of the coming time.

Many ups and downs had been seen in the arc of humanity’s history. A large percent of humanity left earth in the past due to advances in many areas. The natural will to extend life in special ways due to technological advances was a will that couldn’t be neglected. Some people decided to stay but most earth people around 2250 A.D just wanted to reach beyond their current horizon to explore space and new modes of life in a more intimate way. It was also quite necessary due to overpopulation, starvation and countless other factors.

The young teenager Alice Sipher was taken on countless journeys onto the different colonies. She was open for the wonder. The eerie skies of odd planets, the multi-coloured light from remote star-configurations and even the plain surface of large asteroids.

She watched these worlds with the eye of a girl growing into her given role in the larger scheme of things. She was allowed free-time, she was allowed privacy and also private interests. But she was naturally evolving into a government intellectual. This happened as she truly saw the benefits of order and cooperation. As humanity almost went extinct in previous years due to countless conflicts on an interstellar scale. She was especially interested in natural reserves, odd art movements and philosophical enquiries made by individuals that pointed out problems and solutions in these futuristic times.

All these things considered Alice Sipher evolved to become a natural government informer. She developed the right skills, the knowledge and the public persona necessary to convince the leaders of the interstellar government. Not as a single event but as a gradual process. She gained trust by many small accomplishments accumulated over time. It was not a linear process by any means and problems were also revealed on the way. Problems that increased as a shift was happening in the interstellar world day by day.

Alice Sipher was disillusioned by the birth of new conflicts. And a schism between different schools of thinking.

She was literally put in confusion about the state of the interstellar colonies and what way to push humanity forward. As an adult she was gradually disillusioned in more than one area. Cooperated closely with the intellectual Trent Montgomery in ways to find new solutions to the problems tormenting mankind.

Hard problems for future intellectuals that were working harder in time. Specific problems raising perplexing questions.

Download the full novel as a PDF-File here.

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