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The tough guy.

An image from early 3D-modelling attempts.

The hard part was making a human head approaching photorealism but never really getting there...
Abstract space.

A 3D rendering made in free-time in between larger projects.

Experimenting with transparent surfaces in an abstract environment. I really liked the weird look of the rendering but it found no way into "real projects".
Visuals from "Avatar" almost.

Something I made to test my knowledge of the alien kingdom. Really hard with the 3D modelling and textures in the beginning.

Not too detailed textures in this image. But I really liked the oddity of the sample...

Abstract space weird looking.

Like crystals.

A left over science-fiction thriller.


A dropped science-fiction film.

Alien Forever.

This image reminds me of pictures made by people creating computer graphics in underground circles.

Something I haven't been heavily into myself. As I mostly have made my works isolated in cellars/attics late at night.

Maybe that's obvious?

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