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2023-06-28 - "IDEAS" script finished!

The writing of the "IDEAS" movie script is now finished! The writing of the script took around fourty-five days including a steady stream of creative thinking, visualizations and the writing of a good synopsis the writer is really proud of!

The script is about the expansion of the initial ideas presented in the short stories but the writer has added deeper characterizations and a more fully fleshed out story-line with a deeper visual touch. The script has become more "film-like" with more attention to a coherent dramatic structure too. It became all the writer had hoped for and more.

Especially the voices of the main characters have taken a more pronounced form and became something to totally feel inspired by from the writer's perspective!

Is this "Ideas"-game really worth playing?

That is the question asked by the film-maker.

2023-06-02 - Time Moves On

Ideas novella

I have spent the last few months writing upon many film scripts including the script "Ideas" that is building upon my short story "Ideas" presented in the Books section of this homepage. It's a natural continuation of the short story. Fusing ideas of the English language version with the Swedish version of the story called "Idéer". Expanding upon the material in many ways - i just love the general idea of these stories and particularly the unique voice of the main characters!

Now the script is about the expansion of the game and introducing a more deeply thought out conflict as the game grows beyond early attempts and comes to another conclusion!


Between writing movie-scripts I have also read many other scripts on the net - such as the script to "The Terminator" and "Aliens" (Read my article "Now And Then") - studying these scripts to find out the subtle details I missed watching these films many years ago. In my view they don't necessarily make scifi-epics like this anymore. I'm very much inspired by the old 80's action epics like these but I'm not trying to just copy material - I'm searching for ways to infuse new ideas into old formulas. New Ideas but also a personal angle - to find a voice hopefully connecting to present time viewers despite the old formulas!

And being very much "verbal", sonic and visual too!

2023-03-05 - My New Spiritual System

All three parts of "My New Spiritual System" are now available to be read online on this "Continuation"-site.

The Writer (Andreas Ingo) thinks this spiritual system is truly unique in the way it's building almost entirely upon personal life experience - still inspired by prior giants in the field. What is described is very much tested by himself. Making him letting go of many illusions he has had and adopting new ideas coming from a spiritual science conducted by himself!

Still feeling inspired by the works of many authors presenting their own ideas online to a large part!

Read, feel inspired, discover and enjoy!

2023-01-01 - 00:53 (CET) - What will the future bring?

Dubai New Year’s Eve Fireworks Live Stream 2022-2023!

Cool New Years Eve Celebrations In Dubai!

I feel a little that this is the future! Let us hope that the future not only presents better science, new findings and technology but also that the economy in the world gradually becomes better, that large-scale wars becomes less common, that new vaccines make it possible to eliminate (or more realistically diminish!) large-scale epidemics!

But also that more people in the world start to see themselves more united, more liberated, more creative, happier!

That people become more intelligent as time passes on so that we don't repeat old mistakes so much!

Happy New Year!

2022-12-30 - "Interconnection Of Time"

A new digital painting "Interconnection Of Time" and a new work of music alike!

A new digital painting has been made that covers the painters's hopes, fears and mostly bewilderment in this new time!

The digital painting connects to a new work of music simply called "Interconnection"
that describes the concept in the painting in an emotional way.

What if this new time presents more solutions than problems and a positive attitude is the way to go? Still to be realistic!

The digital painter and musician (Andreas Ingo) is really satisfied with the end result of his most recent works!


A short story collection Sanity Asylum And Other Short Stories have been rewritten (2022-12-30) with more focus upon realism
compared to the old collection!

A new favourite from the writer's perspective!


2022-12-04 - "Shift"

And A Color Of Life Defined!!!

How weird life actually can be!!!

A new digital art painting with 2D- and 3D elements has been made by Andreas Ingo - "Shift".
A digital art painting that was made in the spirit of the now deceased philosopher's Schopenhauer and Nietzsche
- suggesting how the future and true education in the future should be about
something more than the pure "memorization" of facts!

That education should be about something more than just getting a good degree in college as an example to qualify for high-privileged work!


A new work of classical music has also been made by Andreas Ingo called "The Color Of Life Defined"
that was made as a culmination of education in music history
from Andreas Ingo's own frame of reference.

It's connecting to the digital art painting "Shift" and is "futuristic", "bright" and "vocal" in parts and also highly original.

Describing a mode of the future perhaps perfectly possible!!!

A masterpiece from the composer's perspective!


Important updates have also been made on the "Swedish Texts" section of this page.


2022-11-11 - Travel Energy Evoked!

How a great forest adventure can feel and what about the thrill of searching for new jobs?

I suggest to my Swedish readers to check out "Forest Horror" and "Workday-Horror" - two odd travel articles with additional videos and photos to prove that the cosmos can be a weird place indeed!

Something for English speaking audiophiles to enjoy:

Take a listen to my new music albums "Afraid" and "Repetition" with a modern "crisp" sound.

Also dark, brutal albums but most of the time very much a beautiful everyday sound with a calming, emotional effect inspiring to good deeds! They are written with a modern social consciousness in mind - something experienced by the composer (Andreas Ingo) at the time of writing.

A cold embrace of a temper modified.
A darkened spirit rising above.
To prepare for the unknown.
To dig deeper as shown.

Also check out my new digital paintings "The Call Of Nature", "The Water Basin" and "Pyramids" - digital paintings painted with the idea to combine found images on the net with creative elements creating a nice "hybrid" effect!


2022-09-01 - The End Of The Summer 2022!

Major Updates On The Site And A Message Concerning Road Trips

Just some days ago Andreas Ingo was roaming the roads around Stjernsund, Sweden in hunt for new experiences - such as the history of beer brewing - such as being fascinated by old mansions and making fires along a deserted beach watching the sun descend later.

A lot of updates have been made to the site since last news update:

One is the completion of "My New Spiritual System - Part III - Revolution" of this series of spiritual systems for free-thinkers and others alike. Not much has to be mentioned about this system except that the writer (Andreas Ingo) became very pleased with the end result! It's a natural continuation of the prior two spiritual systems now with focus on alternative movie-watching on the net, earning money to support the idea of revolution, travel better and making an imprint on the external world.

If you are a Swedish citizen take a look at the updates on the "Swedish Texts" section of this site where the writer (Andreas Ingo) has published a new philosophical essay simply called "Bilturer"! It's written as a contrast to the previous philosophical essay "Cykeläventyr"!

New music and two nice collections of digital paintings "The Secret Of The Golden Age" and "Revelation" have also been posted on the site.


2022-05-26 - "Alien Forever" - The 3D-animated film


Production has started on "Alien Forever" that the film-maker (Andreas Ingo) just recently realized was his dream project after all.

The writing of the script is finished (!) and the running-time of the film became around 1 and a half hour. The film is about a young woman called Marillion Sinclair that survives a devastating disaster on earth around 2075 A.D and decides she wants to grow old unlike many others. This film is not a classic survival horror film as the actual Alien films by Ridley Scott, James Cameron and others but aiming to be "a fun but somewhat serious" sci-fi film commenting on life, death, sex, violence and a possible future for mankind.

Andreas Ingo previously worked on the script "Loser" - a live-action/3D-animation hybrid with 2D-graphics that was a full fledged underground film with a running length of around 30 minutes depicting the harsh reality of a progressive metal musician with existential problems. It was very audio-visual and building a lot upon the mixing of filmed footage and 3D-animated elements.

Creating a nice looking "masked" effect.

He also recently worked on the script "Verikosaga" that was meant to be an art-house 3D-animation film with a shorter running time (Around 15 minutes) but Andreas Ingo realized just a month ago that he wanted to make a full-length science-fiction film after all!

The shorter scripts "Loser" and "Verikosaga" were fully developed and finished though - maybe these scripts will be presented on this site in the future as Andreas Ingo became really satisfied with the end results!

Previously Andreas Ingo has written an actual movie-script with a running-length of around 1 hour also with the written title "Alien Forever" but this film became too short in running time from the writer's perspective and was a bit lacking in substance. It was very interesting in many ways though (According to the writer) as it had well-developed characters with odd personalities, good story-lines with non-linear story-telling and it was also very visual and dramatic. Sometimes you have to abandon the past to move on though - nowadays Andreas Ingo is more interested in substance over cosmetics something that really has changed over the years.

A short story with the name "Alien Forever" has been written and it's a continuation of ideas Andreas Ingo has developed over time.

Stay tuned!

2022-04-29 - Updates On The Site And A Comment Regarding "Mind-Prisons"

A lot of updates on the site have happened recently:

Added is a new digital painting by Andreas Ingo "From V-Space" on the index page of this site creating a more satisfying look on this "Continuation"-page from the painter's own frame of reference.

Also the "Swedish Texts" section on the page have been updated with links to several pages where the most important Swedish texts can be read online in html-format and also to be found is a philosophical essay in PDF-Format concerning cycling-adventures. The kind of texts the author thinks is interesting from a Swedish reader's point of view if it is the case that he/she is into underground culture in some way.

Last but not least the "Digital Paintings & Music Page" section of the site have been expanded with the presentation of a major classical music work called "A Kind Of Balance Divine" which can be seen as the logical inversion of the previous classical work "Celestial Darkness". The difference is that "Celestial Darkness" is very dark, odd and emotional and "A Kind Of Balance Divine" is rather bright, intellectual and ultimately spiritually uplifting.

It was written to top "Celestial Darkness" in quality.


The maker of all these works encountered a huge problem making these works and also while making presentations of these works for a wider circle of watchers/readers/listeners!

The problem was the pretty well known problem of mind-prisons.

It has been hard to school the mind to attempt all these presentations, keeping oneself sane with the common scares out there in public areas and to accept the failures (or ideas of failures!). The task has made it easy to believe oneself is deluded or that what one will get is dissatisfaction in the end.

Now it has been proven though that it's easy to feel bad in the beginning but just because of that it has been easier to appreciate success in the end!

Doing it not just for the fun of it!

2022-03-29 - New Computer Rendering "Dragonfly"

As seen to the left the "Dragonfly" computer rendering was made to level up for the work of a new 3D-animated film "Verikosaga" now under production. The script is already written exploring themes such as time, foreign cultures and mathematics. A script the film-maker is very proud of. The film is grounded in events colouring modern times such as the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, academia and globalization.

It was written with a peculiar visual style in mind.

As some readers might have noticed the film-maker have made a lot of works (especially english texts) describing what darkness can mean to citizens of the modern world. Where he has realized that people (including himself) can easily be drained of energy and the ego can support the individual to higher goals. Such as higher intellect, love and emotions.

The same message as conveyed by gnostic christians in the Gospel Of Thomas found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt 1945.

But the film-maker is moving into new terrain.

Nowadays he is more interested in higher intellect described by mathematics, to move beyond the cutting-room floor to present his works to the masses on film-festivals, in public presentations where readings and personal reflections on works such as "Ascension" (English full-length novel) and "Entropy" (Swedish short novel) is presented to individuals to inspire them along similar lines.

It's important to keep up a positive attitude and do what one can do to feel good about others and oneself.

Stay tuned!

2022-02-07 - New Short Film "Manifestation" And A New Section "Swedish Texts" On The Site

Some time since last news update:

After the temporary (?) shut down of Andreas Ingo's English and Swedish blogs (!) it has been decided to put up a new section Swedish Texts on this site. The new section represents recent and not so recent attempts to write short stories for Swedish readers in the Swedish language.

The most recent texts "Dit Historien Kunde Pekat", "Vilsen" and "Livets Väg" represents a social consciousness grounded in contemporary Swedish culture but also the culture of other countries and historical periods.

More things coming up:

Here is a link to Andreas Ingo's most recent 3D-animated film MANIFESTATION about a strange bird creature living in a tree creating with magic with a path that collides with an android living in a fun house surrounded by a green garden.

The film has been sent for approval to Uppsala Short Film Festival taking place in Uppsala, Sweden in October 2022.

Download the film as an AVI-File (5.06 minutes - 1.02 GB) or a MP4-File (5.06 minutes - 8.78 MB) with some loss of video quality.

Versions with Swedish subtitles are also available.

2021-08-04 - Endgame

A new computer-animated demo-reel in 3D inspired by film-makers such as James Cameron, Ridley Scott and John Carpenter. It was made in a frency in two weeks to awaken the feel of Alien, the zombie-films by George Romero and others. John Carpenter's "Assault On Precinct 13" is another film that comes to mind. Great care was taken to truly make a masterpiece this time - a lot of care was given.

The writer/director (Andreas Ingo) look at films in the way a passionate film-maker would do. It is not about making money in the first place. Rather it is about a passionate escape from ordinary reality and a way to evolve intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. To build experience and to work towards a better future. To deliver on a promise.

What made the movies that inspired this reel so good from the "Endgame"-director's point of view were the scripts, the acting, the visuals. On the surface they were pretty simple: Genre-based entertainment in the genres of scifi-horror, post-apocalyptic cult-films and scifi-action. But they transcended the genres in which they were made.

Almost being B-movies but becoming A-movies due to the craftmanship involved.

I'm sure some would agree.

The endgame demo-reel is made in the spirit of that.

Take a look at the demo-reel and enjoy!

2021-07-22 - Rubber Engine

"Rubber Engine" -

A new music album written for leisure by Andreas Ingo in between making plans to move to a large city in Sweden to start with new movie projects.
The new album was written with a hint of irony. How something starting with that small an investment (leisure) became something more in the end.
It is blending jazz, classical music, indiepop, progressive metal and more classical music in that order.

Follow the link here to be able to download the album to your computer.

An eerie trip in fairytale land. - "Failure" as a hint of coming success!

When it comes to films Andreas Ingo has decided to abandon the previous 3D-animation project "The Black Wedding" after the realization that making live-action films instead of 3D-animation films and combining live-action footage with 3D-animation (Even 2D-animation) presents a chance to present films more grounded in rugged realism and will make the films more relevant to many viewers.

It has been a hard thing to put the script "The Black Wedding" down and to start to work on another film with live-action footage, 2D-animation and 3D-animation combined.

To add to that the filmmaker has also become an actor and want to be an actor in his own films.

Recommended listening is also the new music album "Summer's Breeze" that also was made in the process of making plans to move to a new city in Sweden (Uppsala most probable).

Take a listen at the "Summer's Breeze" album here.

2021-07-22 - Appearance And Other Film Projects

"Appearance" is a computer animated film in 3D that was made as another computer animation project "The Black Wedding" fell apart. It represents a good try to make a test film to prove to the filmmaker (Andreas Ingo) that he can make computer animated films after all. It has a bold message about a counter-intuitive understanding of enlightenment probably interesting to other spiritual seekers like himself.

The filmmaker was very much pleased with the end result. It was a very short film (4:18) minutes but it was visually striking and inventive especially regarding visual design, camera angles, some key 3D animated sequences and the lighting used.

The music was great.

As the film was shown to close friends and family members it was revealed that other people saw similar things. The message was pretty good delivered but the sad truth is that not all people know about enlightenment and what it represents. (Easy to miss the message there.)

After the completion of the film the filmmaker thought he could take 3D-animation from a technological perspective no further. Well, the images was not completely photo-realistic rather interesting but what the film really needed was a good story, a good conflict and good characters. A longer running time. This film was very much abstract and an earlier film by the same filmmaker ("Formulas") was also fully abstract in nature.

These films can be downloaded from the movie vault section of this page.

After these films where made the filmmaker decided to move to live-action and to combine live-action with computer animation for a striking effect. He needs a good challenge to make something he never have made before. For the future he hopes can also can make some money on upcoming films just to earn the money to cut down time working on a day job.

The passion is already there.

The message: Combine reality and the abstract and find the delicate balance.

- * - * - 2021-02-04 - Light - * - * -

A cold winter's day here in Sweden about ten miles from Stockholm.
Didn't know how to handle the darkness, the cold so I wrote a song about it.
It is about finding light in a dead country lacking emotion.
Something I wrote to overcome this "winter's sickness".

It is a progressive metal song building upon counter-point melodies, contrasting song structures and an epic feeling put to action in the A-minor key.

Download the song here: Light.

Listen and enjoy!

2021-01-15 - Northern Skies

Take a look at the digital painting above made after the shift from 2020 to 2021!

It represents the calm, the peace and quiet found in northern countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland in the annual shift to a new year. The cold climate can be harsh as experienced by the digital painter (Andreas Ingo) but the cold also reveal the nuanced light of a fine winter’s day.

This time the painter experimented with shadows, clouds, sky reflections and smoke.

It was made to overcome the psychological burden of a lonely Swedish Winter’s day. The message is that anyone can endure anything if the will is there. If there is an obstacle to overcome in some cases. But also that one never shall give up even if everything may look dark on the surface.

That sometimes hard struggle is the way to the light.

Download a larger version of the digital painting here.

2020-12-15 - Dark

Production is underway on the new 3D-animated film "The Black Wedding" which is an underground film made with 3D modelling/animation software such as Blender. At the same time the filmmaker have worked on a new electronic music piece called "Dark" which is about the continual experience he (Andreas Ingo) have had with the reading of graphic novels which have helped him form new opinions on satanism for a good purpose. "Satan" may seem dark but is pretty light-hearted indeed when you get to know the purpose behind his/her travails.

As already mentioned the production on the new film is underway. Listen to the filmmaker's new electronic piece "Dark" which was made to replace a digital image with the same name depicting two robotic girls eating futuristic food along a table occupied with many rats. The picture was about an attitude on "no-care". No-care for casual suffering necessary to endure for those wanting true success out of life.

And the girls on the picture was there to prove it.

Listen to the music and enjoy!


2020-07-12 - Invasion

Time goes by.

The author (Andreas Ingo) has moved into filmmaking to some extent. But this is about 3D-animated films made with free software such as Blender. He thinks it will be easier to reach his fans with a good script and the creation of sensual images resembling the mental images created in the reader's mind as he/she reads his books.

He will not stop making music and writing books though. Rather he thinks that the films will be about a total experience and the books will describe the ideas conveyed more in detail for those willing to make the mental effort. As seen on the digital painting "Invasion" above (A digital painting made by the author with free software on his computer) the author has something similar in mind with the making of his own films. It has helped to create digital paintings to try and test visual ideas before they leap into his films.

He has also made a new epic work of music called "Celestial Darkness" presented on the About page on this site.

The current message the author has in mind for his fans is that life has to be lived to its fullest. Moving beyond the illusion that a cup of coffee, some rest and a good nights sleep are all one needs. These things are important as described in the second part of his spiritual system available for download on the About page. Deep rest is all good and fine and sometimes necessary but it can also lead to an empty resignation clouding meaning.

Balance is the key.

The author has also become more social lately. Testing ideas in the context of social gatherings. He still is deep into travel, philosophy and art but are now getting more experience with social events just for the fun of it.

Download the digital painting "Invasion" here.

Stay tuned.


2018-10-02 - Beginners

Finally finished with my new war time novel "Beginners" about two chess players playing chess in Nazi Germany before the second world war. It is a work aiming to connect chess with relationships, money and power. A novel aiming to describe what chess can teach us about life outside the game itself.

It became much shorter than intended though. But this happened as I finally realized that it was better to tell something shorter, darker and edgier than boring the reader with countless facts and theories giving no emotional punch. In the end it became all that I intended and more.

Beside from this novel I have entered a new stage with a new interest found in food, drinks, martial arts and other "physical" things. It is a revelation to me that also disciplines such as body building and running can change the way one thinks. To build a good physique off course but also to train the mind.

I'm also working on a new spiritual system called "Oddities" that is building upon the insights in my previous spiritual system (simply called "My New Spiritual System") but to add darker, edgier and more original insights and descriptions to add to previous knowledge.

It is a rush for sure.


2018-09-20 - Insignificant And Other Projects

Something has happened the last month as I have started more seriously with the dating game once again, written several works of fiction, progressed as a chess player and also found ways to work professionally with unconventional strategies and tactics.

Adaptation Professional work means applying for jobs as a bartender in the area around Vasteras, Sweden. Also searching for jobs in cafes. My search for jobs has strengthen my belief in work as a good balancing factor besides previous excursions in nature, writing and more.

The essence of it is that I feel I have become a more well rounded person. Writing can be a lonely business and a bit abstract compared to professional work and encounters with the opposite sex. Still I will continue with my writing pursuit as it is the balance between opposites that have increased my happiness levels beyond those experienced a month ago.

One of the best things that has happened though is the completion of my new science-fiction story “Insignificant” as it is my most personal story this far. Continuing along the lines of short stories such as Alien Forever. That means that I have focused on the sense experience of science-fiction horror, dark emotion and individuality.

The completion of a new short story collection “Adaptation And Other Short Stories” has also added to it. As the short story “Adaptation” is a post-apocalyptic story with a unique blend of prior influences. Such as Richard Matheson’s epic story “I Am Legend”. A favourite of mine but I took influences such as that to find the way to an original blend of influences. Hopefully interpreted by my readers as a kind of warning. A possible future not too hard to imagine.

Andreas Ingo Profile

2018-08-29 - Erratic Pain And Other Projects

It's strange how life changes from time to time. It's almost like a moonish ebb and flow. I'm finished with a short story "Erratic Pain" that describes the journey of a half-blinded outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight. Using the conventions of fantasy storytelling in order to bend them. Incorporating a theme of perception to account for a vision larger in scope than many stories written in the same genre.

Beginners At the same time I'm continuing my work on my war time novel "Beginners" about a couple of chess players connecting the insights won in chess to relations, money and power.

The ebb (which I have experienced the latest weeks) has made way to flow. Meaning that I temporarily had to abandon writing for other pursuits. Including money pursuits, occult explorations and walks nature. This happened as I had to switch my mode of perception to account for other needs. For the moment I'm back in business.

A new science-fiction novel is in the planning stages. It's called "Insignificant" and is written in the mode of perception of a female worker. Describing her minor role on a colony of a rare solar-system. It's written in the form of memoirs as a reflection upon childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It's about her various jobs, her partnerships and occasional free-time. Watching the future world orbiting a blue giant evolve.

In periods I have assumed a pretty anonymous image. As I always have made my works speak for themselves. Still I have described my path also. And I'm on a journey for knowledge and power. Still a power rendered useful for other occultists out there. Who want a refuge from this world of trivia and common-sense nonsense.

It's a blessing.

Andreas Ingo Profile

2018-05-16 - My New Look

The guy you see above is a photo of me taken fifteen minutes ago. I think the shadow play in the background made all the difference. It is a sunny day here in Vasteras, Sweden. And also a hot summer season beginning early this year.

Siljan, Sweden

2017-09-25 - Mora, Sweden

Back again after a long journey into the wilds of Sweden. Entering a new stage of life beyond international travel to explore domestic roads, cities, mountain ranges and forests. The environments around Mora, Sweden were a final reward after countless journeys into the lands of my homeland.

It's an odd experience as I never intended to end up in my own country this way. But it was cheaper than international travel, more comfortable and the nature of Sweden is very calming. A nice break of plans to explore areas in my home country I never had seen before.

I have previously used a chopper but lately switched to the car you can see on the photo.

One thing is certain and that is that this kind of travel is very good to find energy and inspiration for art projects. Due to my new experience in Sweden I have found inspiration to write many works of fiction, including the new novel Ascension. But also several short stories building on the experience I had on the road.

Mora Car Stop
It's also something deeply mysterious with the sense of desolation in nature. Closing in on dead villages, on streams of water running from mountains, in forest pathways leading one to close encounters with local wild-life. One can easily say that my discovery of Swedish nature saved my soul in a sense.

I lost the forced dependence on the civilized world.

I found the way to inner clarity. Erasing countless doubts, fears and shallow projections of the future. It ended with the realization of the Universal Mind. Operating in a timeless state beyond so called "physicality".

I'm sure this is evident for readers reading my new story-lines. Also elevating my music works to another degree. It did it all in the past. But my creations were to a high degree depending on hard work and countless struggles. This changed in time to reveal a deeper side of the personality. And my art became effortless to a high degree.

Leaving room for inner space and clarity.

Continuation Backdrop

2016-11-22 - Ascension

I’m working on the general structure and details of my coming novel Ascension. This will be an epic work telling the truth of my latest life experience living close to nature in Sweden and having new adventures in southern Spain and northern Morocco. I can promise you an epic journey into an alien world and a new approach to pure observation, logical thinking, relations, being and creativity. It is about a complex information quest of two government informers working in cooperation with the united space agency in the future. Searching for new solutions to complex problems tormenting mankind.

It is a work I have been working on for almost a year. A passion project. It will not be science-fiction of pure fantasy. But written to assist my readers concerning real problems applicable in the real world. The question of living. Presenting a new life philosophy. Exploring new modes of learning built on real life experience and connecting to deep philosophy. I can promise my readers a great sense of wonder, careful plotting, good characterization and cutting edge content.

With a focus on realism not much unlike the classic science-fiction writers in the past.

It is the story of Alice Sipher and Trent Montgomery coming to the planetary reserve of Ascension to rethink the doings and ways of man. As humanity has colonized the whole universe within acceptable distances and destroyed the original environments. Humanity has built a failed future upon artificial environments, body augmentations and advanced technology. Ascension (As the planet is called due to ecological factors) is the only planet left alone in its original shape. Deemed “Protected” by the United Space Agency and hosting original forms of alien life.

The question is the question if the two government informers will find new solutions to the problems of mankind. As they have a nice break of environment to propel their consciousness into a more creative state.

Will they succeed on their mission?

Beginners - The Novel
Insignificant - Memoirs
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Erratic Pain - The Short Story
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Ghost Walker - The Short Story Collection
Sanity Asylum - The Short Story Collection

Ascension - The Novel
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