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He was out there. There along the remnants of a dying planet hovered a space-station for scientific reasons but it still had a bar where neon lights in multiple colors sometimes were blinking, a hall for degenerate prostitutes with slick T-shirts in multiple-colors that complemented the visual configuration of the space-station pretty well. It also had “smoky” sleeping quarters, with a ventilation system with coolant liquids running in the hull of the space-station. It was a future where many governments had collapsed. A mix of traditional right-wing and left-wing politics was evident and became more democratic in time. It had been hard to maintain cooperation and order in a future where mankind spread along remote distances on a huge scale due to futuristic technology.

Rhio slept in a sleeping unit almost resembling a prison cell. There was a grating that was built thirty years ago using aluminium the rusty bars of a room originally intended as a garbage unit. Rhio was smoking Nebulae-weed made from plants found on remote planets. He looked out into a corridor inside the space-station. A lot of digital papers were found lying on the floor. Plastic papers with electric currents running inside the pages with filmic displays on top showing the discoveries of modern science.

A floor also cluttered with red portable computers running on blue giant star-power, on the energy from a couple of white dwarfs and left over food was smelling and drying in the artificial air.

Closeup of Rhio’s face: Torn, middle-age, partly mechanic due to augmented facial features such as a bought nose, a fixed lip broken in the past due to alien/machine encounters.

The alien presence was real and it was felt. A lot had been written about the encounters between the alien beings and the humans. It had happened on many occasions in the milky way galaxy. Some planets were very well known due to the found alien cities circulating the remote planet of Oxygenia I Major and the moon Oxygenia I Minor.

Leading to a raised awareness concerning alien life.

A war between alien/machine hybrids and humans (now called “trans-humans”!) had been a large factor in the past informing multi-media in the future. Oxygenia I Minor was just a moon almost as large as the mother planet making the two heavenly bodies adjust to gravitational forces in between each other.

The war didn’t happen there.

Close to Dionyseros Rhio was now half-way sleeping (A medical condition called “Insomnia”) and the planet Dionyseros had been blown apart thirty years ago by a heavy asteroid travelling close to 3000 MPH colliding with Dionyseros and blowing the planet apart. It had been a huge explosion of green, blue and white possible to detect by a cluster of space-telescopes close to Oxygenia I Major connecting to a computer cluster owned by the trans-humans analyzing all kinds of information and mostly built for military reasons.

Left in space within the area of the demolished Dionyseros was the black vacuum of space, a swirling cloud of dust and a dead iron core sometimes blinking to reflect the light from the blue giant Dinitron-U-92.

- * - August 23 2174 - * -

“I can hardly take it anymore. (Rhio says...) I was trans-human but being “trans-human” is not the right way to describe myself these days. I was on Oxygenia I Minor once to become a messenger between the alien race living there and the humans present in the sector fifteen years ago.

We couldn’t speak to these aliens. They were invisible energy beings that sent complex radiation onto antennas developed by the S.L.A.R company. As we trans-humans picked up the signal it turned out to be a blue-print for the creation of alien life using trans-human hosts to create another kind of trans-human different from how we perceived ourselves in this point of time.

This trans-human was a humanoid creature with two arms, two legs and a central region along a spine. It had a head too but it was thin and elongated compared to average trans-humans. The most striking feature was how it had a “chess”-pattern upon it’s body giving the impression of a 3D-model in the colors of yellow and brightly green still it was life-like in a rare way.

It had a red head.

I became one of those. I became one after several years of solid science to build simulations of the alien/trans-human hybrid in biological computers at first. Nothing extraordinary could be detected in those simulations though. Artificial life was also something trans-humans had created themselves in the past.

The science fell apart to some extent. Not much could be learnt from the scientific experiment but a small number of trans-humans were modified according to the invisible alien blueprint and we could eat, we could move, some of us had motor-control trouble in the beginning but our bodies adjusted pretty well.

We didn’t die from the modifications! We could talk, eat and function pretty normally still we had some degenerative health effects the effects of the scientific experiment which I still have today.

We did it for the science and the science was initially refreshing.

Sometimes my left leg “hangs” when I walk making me subtly stumble but I walk quite well most of the time, I look somewhat “shiny” - a word for something “alien-like” i can’t explain. Sometimes I vibrate in some strange way when speeding up and moments before I enter wakefulness after dreamless sleep.

Most trans-humans lost interest in individuals such as myself after a couple of years when nothing special happened.

We were just alien/trans-human hybrids with bodily augmentations, the rest of humanity was trans-human already but we weren’t space gods.”

- * - December 1, 2186 - * -

“I’m at a dead end. (Rhio continues...) My vision falters in moments. To watch the swirling dust-cloud with blinking iron parts of Dionyseros is my mission nowadays. I’m a science-officer put here in the space-station to document what’s left to document from the strange collision occurrence in the past.

That is what trans-humanity is interested in nowadays: To find the oddities, the strange anomalies that might propel science forward in some way. When science develop also new technology will be invented. Perhaps modeled upon the concept of a better space-drive invented by extra-terrestrials in another sector than mine leading to better light-speed travel.

Many trans-humans were lost due to average technology in the past.

Occasionally texts are written about other alien encounters in other parts of the galaxy and some of the aliens look like deformed space-ships as some beings encountered have merged with space-ships making them a space-travelling race not limited to life on ordinary planets.

They float around in the black vacuum of space (with white energy-bodies connecting to a mechanical shell) using alien-technology perhaps to document life in the milky way in ways not known to human-kind 2186 A.D.”

Rhio visited the hall for the prostitutes later for company not for sex but he left as soon as he entered. The room was a smoky stage where some of the inhabitants of the space-station shared space with the prostitutes just for smoking alien weed not alien/trans-human and some of the prostitutes were male.

The prostitutes themselves weren’t modified with alien genetics, they weren’t so much merged with future technology and they rejected Rhio.

Still he had been exited under the alien/trans-human augmentation process earlier as he had experienced something most trans-humans never had experienced before! Sometimes during the transition phase he experienced strange movements in his body. As if a rare creature had entered his body and just moved under the skin: Going slowly, speeding up, twisting and turning...

Especially experienced during the modification of his trans-human head!

As fourteen years passed by at the astronomical observation center (the space-station at Dionyseros - 2200 A.D was the year now) Rhio started to see alien shapes emerge from the depths of space resembling the alien spaceship/energy-being hybrids talked about before. They were glowing in a shade of gray leaning to ghostly white and Rhio used science-equipment such as a deep-space binocular connecting with an electric cable to a computer mainframe to decipher what he at first saw with his own eyes.

Some trans-humans were also connected to this investigation.

What was revealed was that these alien space-ship/energy-being hybrids connected the fragmentary dots of Dionyseros together to merge them with alien technology. Using unknown means some kind of artificial gravity was used to push the fragmentary parts of the planet together and this gravity was also felt in the space-station making it necessary for the trans-humans to adjust the course of the space-station to some percent.

The aliens later “welded” the fragmentary pieces of the planet together and they put a creative stamp onto the planet resembling themselves!

It was a huge display of alien powers where unknown alien technology created a firework resembling the initial explosion in green, blue and white but strangely inverted. Sometimes it seemed as if the aliens tried to ignite a new star, to create a fusion-bomb with the material presented. But somehow the gravitational pull, the controlled welding operation using some kind of red lasers created order out of chaos and the space-travelling entities glowing in ghostly white and resembling angels without wings showed a kind of restraint.

The new space-object was connected!

“The creative stamp” was later described in visual terms as a ghostly white alien shape “painted” upon the planetary surface of Dionyseros easily to recognize for any trans-human.

In theory this could have been made to make the aliens recognized as the space-gods they could have been and to be respected.

In the same way as the kings of earth used statues before to make a name for themselves earlier in human history.

We trans-humans were hardly restrained to the past still we were not as great as those alien beings when it came to future science and technology!

We could not be overly afraid but we had to be humble.

- * - April 1, 2206 - * -

“I’m not the old Rhio anymore (Rhio continues...). I have been modified further with new D.N.A chains introduced in my body after new alien transmissions on Oxygenia I Minor over invisible communications. The modifications of the D.N.A take physical shape in my body small steps at a time. Sometimes I think I can feel it again. This time we used our computers once more to simulate changes detected in the alien transmissions before we actually do bodily injections.

We do this in hope to fix initial problems for individuals as myself. Troubles such as stumbling when walking and the eerie vibrations felt upon entering waking consciousness after dreamless sleep.

To our surprise new alien beings are now physically visible in the cities orbiting Oxygenia I Major and Oxygenia I Minor! Alien beings not looking like humans but more along “shining” ones and the trans-humans have started to communicate with those.

We have settled down on the city built around the moon Oxygenia I Minor using the modified trans-humans we have experimented with.

It’s an extra-terrestrial city in orbit around the moon built by a technology trans-humans still don’t have mastered. The buildings are rectangular and cubic-shaped. Dark colors are seen most of the time. The buildings are majestically designed in the way they show oval design patterns with a dark rainbow colour pattern on top of the buildings in addition to the basic black and brown cubic & rectangle forms.

As the extra-terrestrial alien structure orbiting the moon build a nice circle around the satellite a lot of bridges connect the structure together in some parts. Magnetically connected rovers designed by us move over the metallic surfaces of the alien city.

I’m one of the trans-humans but augmented - I’m still one of those...

Using those augmented trans-humans such as myself to communicate with physical shapes resembling ourselves with a strange “shining” quality.

What can we actually lose?

- * - January 2, 2202 - Fours Years Back In Time - * -

Before Rhio left for Oxygenia I he had some time to talk with some trans-humans on the space-station concerning the “welding”-aliens and how they could alter the course of trans-human history.

The trans-humans had never looked upon alien life as something civilized and high-standing evolutionary wise. Trans-humans were always the kings, trans-humans always tried and tested everything a space-travelling race ever could hope for.

And therefore they were curious at first but later bored.

Still he (Rhio) was standing before a couple of these trans-humans looking very much like a trans-human and a bit like an alien too. With bodily augmentations looking a bit mechanic. Good looking to some extent. But not entirely. And there was this chess structure and “shining” quality about him...

“We never have the imagination!” Rhio said to the trans-humans. “It’s easy to think we rule the universe! That what are left of trans-humans and individuals as myself are the measure of everything that there is!”

“But experience prove us wrong!” One of the prostitutes said entering the conversation...

- * - September 5, 2216 - * -

Rhio is old.

He still feels the vibrations after entering waking consciousness after dreamless sleep but now he can walk without stumbling all the time. Nothing more than motor-control was altered due to the new D.N.A modifications after the new alien transmissions.

The computer simulations the trans-humans made before the actual injections didn’t detect these changes at the time.

The physically visible alien race living in the cities circulating Oxygenia I Major and Oxygenia I Minor share space with the augmented trans-humans in a peaceful way. The augmented trans-humans walk the alien city on augmented legs and sometimes ordinary trans-humans drive by in magnetically connected rovers. New roads are built along a glittering canvas of light supporting the city and its inhabitants.

New hydrogen rivers shimmer in the light of a dying sun. The antennas of the human space-ships detect new transmissions coming in from deep space...

It’s coming from the “welding” aliens and it’s stated that the trans-humans have understood interstellar law pretty well.


Download the short story as a PDF-File here.

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