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An Epic Poem By Andreas Ingo


Leading Directing Writing Producing
Bold Text Underlined Italic
Burying Concepts Within Frames
Exceptional Talent Hidden Forgotten

No Money Making Site
No Fame Inventing Concepts
Dullest World Made Surprise
Catching Sensations Beyond Static

Leading to -

A morbid framework small compared to online markets.
A bold caption great surprising anonymous site designers.
As images represent call to invent mysterious stalkers.
With sections on page connecting together no banners.

A book section described in words and frames.
Some poetic nonsense derived from encyclopedias found online.
What can be said about Continuation’s lonely tags?
As the writer dully explore concepts jolly fine?


Thoughtful impulse to
equally reform -

Within a framework set images and sounds emerge.
Beyond concepts right wrong epic journey well defined.
Nietzschean over-man dully emerge as fainter’s souls purge.
Can you follow lines yellow, black, blue aligned?

Movie made on laptop black and shiny plastic.
“Appearance” title on film as festival time arrives.
Will you abandon concepts derived from dreaming drastic?
Trolls walking blackened forests of signs and confines?

Behind Work Enterprise Colour
In Sections Site Defined
Whistle Tones Heavens Spark
Dull Brackets Outline Words

Traveller Scientific Countries Enter
Digital Device Sunlight Brightens
To Describe The Reason
For An Online Quest So Large

The reason for inspiration now described -

Beyond concepts of travel a lonely thinker gasps.
As cities and countryside passes by willfully motionless.
A dreadful owl beaming with wings forcefully flaps.
As a robotic hand daily stories tell weightless.

Science to a creator is hell to angels.
But beyond pleasure suffering many stories awfully tell.
To do as philosophers describe but with helpers.
Ending emotion to a top of a bottomless well.


The eerie recognition of
times to come -

Will you follow the spark of a fellow man?
As times thunder evaporate in a chance encounter?
Countless walks with jelly bottle in hand.
The nihilistic times of frights truthfully pushed under.

Dreaming dreams fully awake with subtle consciousness unveiled.
Nightly walks in neighborhood landscapes so easily explored.
Catching sleep food digested with physical devices suspended.
The voice of a man taking shape assured.


~ With a mark of evil in his eye ~

“Continuation” -


Conclusions Tell Meanings Bypassed
By Readers So Many
And The Writer Forcefully
Intellectually Emotionally Spiritually Ascend

To Countries Never Visited
Within Inner Space Outside
An Outside Light Dimmed
The Dream Of Anarchy Realized.



Mathematical language is born from mistakes made by many.
Emotion giving birth to reason in many’s view.
But reason can’t mix with heart told sadly.
The enemy to progress is the self to few.

Getting energy from deep sleep and food.
Constructing a life direction from personal science described.
To collect way-frames of landscapes molded by tools.
A nihilistic journey beyond reason to add darkness confined.


The path of darkness into the light.
The birth of reason and will combined.
A simple party of enlightened souls.
Describing tragedy, lust and many joys.
And add hard work to that.



Download the epic poem as a PDF-File here.

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