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My New Spiritual System

Part II


By Andreas Ingo April 2022

1. Being

After the writing of the first part of My New Spiritual System it all felt fine and accomplished. I described my own discoveries concerning spirituality as a whole. That individuality was the way to the impersonal. And that values had to be transformed to give way for individual being and expression.

But the wisdom – and wisdom comes with age – was that my own mode of spirituality, using being, travel, relations, science and creativity – was that the individual soul had to go deeper into the territory of smaller-ambitions.

One had to ease down more. Abandon the rush of travel. Avoid difficult projects and passions. Avoiding people to some extent and just get down to the necessities. Think less. Find the way to the emptiness found in deep rest and meditation. To cut down on the costs so that one could work less and enjoy life more.

What has been revealed is not that there was anything wrong with the first part of My New Spiritual System, rather that I never knew the extent as to which one had to go into the territory of smaller-ambitions.

And the details of that wisdom are presented here.

The importance of letting go

What I have discovered is that what really pushed me beyond prior states of consciousness was the fact that I abandoned much of my prior passions (primarily travel) and instead adopted a philosophy of smaller-ambitions.

To let go of unnecessary thought-constructs and ambitions, to let go of the will to always want something impossible out of life. That it had to have a strong intellectual basis, that it had to include a lot of people, places and give a lot of immediate satisfaction.

That was revealed as a lack of perspective on life.

It has been better to ease down. Start the day with good rest. To take a coffee, go out for a walk. Get some breakfast. Rest some more. Give up all over-thinking and just to think what one can do given the circumstances to feel good about the self.

Resting with deep breaths to raise energy for the work of the day. That is passionate in nature and never self-sacrificial.

That philosophy of small-ambitions cancel out unwanted activity and rather restores the energies of the soul. Giving clarity and higher consciousness. Needed to find balance in all aspects of life. Leaving the psychotic mode of life lived by many people in the modern world.

To affirm a philosophy of smaller-ambitions is not to entirely give up. The good amount of rest rather restores energy. It gives a deep sense of wholeness lacking in most people’s lives. And out of this state of consciousness activity arises. When one has restored inner batteries, taken care of the body concerns and revitalized consciousness.

Activity don’t have to end totally. This second part of My New Spiritual System rather describes a mode of life with ambitions and non-ambitions combined. So that smaller-ambitions leaves room for a life filled with individual passions.

With a balanced perspective on it all.

The importance of a clean mind

It can never be overstated how important a clean mind is to any progress in life and happiness in itself. The clean mind, maybe cleaned by longer periods of concentration or walks in nature, breaks the bonds the individual has to modern life. That is sometimes a life lived in constant psychosis. Striving for things don’t needed for happiness at all.

In fact the beliefs and ambitions created by some rulers of our modern society implants doubts in the individual concerning his individual path in life. Distorting the mind, implanting destructive beliefs and creating an irrational drive to death and annihilation.

It can basically be hell from my own point of view.

To break with all reality constructs and values implanted by others has been revealed as a necessary path to survival.

Nothing less than that.

Second to that a life without any intellectual/emotional baggage revitalizes consciousness, restores the mind to a healthy mind-set. So that one can live a natural life true to the yearnings of the soul.

A passionate life without any mental burdens.

Clean the mind with methods described in the first part of My New Spiritual System. Using concentration exercises. Use walks in nature to merge with the Universal Mind. Use deep breathing exercises to push mental diversions aside. Or just work with something simple and practical to escape the endless chatter of the mind.

It’s a discipline. A discipline to clean the mind to enter a happy mind-set of no discipline.

Discovering that happiness to a great extent is lack of suffering.

Getting physical

I have been on the path of creative expression for a large part of my life. I have also travelled a lot to find inspiration for art projects. I have found new interest in chess, music and other intellectual disciplines. What has been revealed is that those disciplines (even though much of it also is emotional in nature) is too heavy of a burden upon the soul.

It has been better to find the way to the body. Using walks in nature, to think about food and rest. Taking care of personal hygiene. To clean living areas and other things of a practical nature.

Also to give room for pleasurable dreams, occasional smoking and good drinks. To find the way to the sensual aspect of life. To raise energy for later creative acts. Or for longer journeys beyond the living area.

The physical aspect of life is the easiest. The emotional is a bit harder. And the intellect is the heaviest of all.

The key is to evaluate one’s life and to find personal balance.

The key insight is that life has to be lived more along the mode of life of our ancestors or the animals of the animal kingdom. Roaming the forests with not much thoughts just action. Even getting more stupid to balance the drive to rationality implanted by the modern world.

One actually has to become a bit stupid. Not seeing things too clearly. Not acting with a perfect fit.

Rather attuning to the emotions coming from within.

Giving greater satisfaction.

Combining the rational life with the irrational

This insight has dawned upon me much more in depth recently. That success in life many times is due to irrationality not rationality. At one point in time I was fully irrational and found the way to individuality by following the will. I had much to gain from this individuality.

Years later though the personal will became a burden as it led to nihilism. I had to find the way to a clearer intellect. Decide more consciously. Merge with the Universal Mind to find the light of the enlightened soul. Evaluate my life with clearer observation. To decide consciously and plan my life from the knowledge previously attained.

I became happier. I built upon the knowledge previously attained to create a life in relative isolation. But as I did I lost some energy. The important thing of being irrational and to follow the will is that it can be an easy path. One can find greater depths of soul. A stronger ego. More will for easy joys with “sensual” elements. Even the psychological mode of smaller-ambitions as I have described. The ending of unwanted activity.

The key is to find energy to transcend that state, become more idealistic and still feel abundant.

The key to a fully working system with additional clarity coming from the intellect and the Universal Mind is to balance the individual will with the clearer perceptions of the intellect using true life experience. To evaluate one’s life using true life experience to decide to which extent one can remain irrational and not lose track of individual goals.

The key is the individual experience. To give time for individual leanings but not getting too individualistic which actually is suicide.

Find the way to something real and constructive.

Abandon the nightmarish visions of some self-deluded priests, trans-personal psychologists and other individuals that look upon progress as the only mode of life leading to higher goals.

Sometimes it can be better to devolve.

The key to happiness is balance.

Ending bad connections with people

I have talked about it before but it has to be said again and again: One can not make true progress in life without deviating a bit from the people of the modern world. It’s the brainwashing machine that have made many people into unhappy servants and they project the lack of satisfaction upon others. Actually craving love but being otherwise themselves.

Some people are conditioned to believe they must be unhappy servants. The system has to some extent made some people believe they will get happy in a system sometimes built upon lies.

It’s the parents, the education, the media, the church, the capitalist system, the government and so on.

Actually it has gone so far so that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way out.

The only thing a good free-thinker (or spiritually interested person like me) can do is ending bad connections with people. To cut down the costs to the minimum and end draining work. Disconnect the TV, end listening to radio broadcasts. Escape the church, the net, and in extreme cases: Walk in the night.

Find the way to become partly invisible to misguided people in the neighbourhood.

And when one actually has to meet someone that doesn’t want the good for oneself one will sometimes remain a sceptic. One shall look for ways to just easily let uncomfortable encounters slip away. Not making someone panic. Just easily end some connections and remain invisible.

It can be necessary: A way to remain pure and energetic.

Don’t be alarmed though if you actually have good connections to people and never give up on people you like for “trivial” reasons!

Seek out people you enjoy spending time with - cut down on time with people that drain you of energy!

You can also spend time with some people that don’t like you very much just for the necessity - people are very much social animals after all!

Think about your personal balance!

A good approach to the mental side of life and casual suffering

As I have said the mental aspect of life is the hardest burden but when one has mastered the intellect one will decide differently and feel the joy of reaching higher heights.

One will actually feel lighter in the body.

The most important thing is not that one are doing the right things on the surface but rather how one treats the mind during the day. What one pushes aside primarily but also what one affirms.

One shall adopt a goal oriented philosophy of choosing to view life in the way preferred.

I use a system of Reality Creation to build a vision for the now and the future. Using the intellect to decide what I want. Creating a system of magic that changes beliefs to the one’s preferred. Infusing will into my creations and holding on to the vision during the day.

If something changes or new obstacles emerge I change the system accordingly.

The important thing is to keep thinking in orderly ways. To don’t let fears, other’s opinions or casual mind-chatter fool oneself on the way. Keep the goal in sight. Work towards that goal in balance and in the right doses.

Viewing life as a journey towards a goal that progresses pretty slow. Keeping faith in the personal goals when life gets tough.

It’s also important to change perspective on suffering. To view suffering as something that can’t be totally avoided. Sometimes you have to act no matter what you want to do. Sometimes the mind tears you down. It can be a change of events. It can be a bad encounter with another human being. It can be a bad economy. Or things of a similar kind.

Change perspective on suffering. Adopt a stoic attitude of doing what is necessary to be happy and survive. Taking momentarily suffering as nothing too bad in itself. Adjusting to it. Feeling it. Thinking it’s something that will be overcome in end.

To think new and have a mind with the vigour of an athlete. The only way to survive in a thought responsive multi-verse.

Leading to fulfillment.

Turning decadence into a power to transcend

The wisdom was to further progress on the path of smaller-ambitions but as one finds the rest in the end, consciousness, the body, the emotions and the intellectual faculties are restored, one can find the way to individual passions.

What has helped me immensely is to adopt a philosophy of doing what is possible to remain happy and in a healthy state. Not having too high of an ambition. Just decide what can be done to attain the goal one has set up for oneself. Knowing about the concept of compromise. To go the middle-way path of doing just for oneself by oneself in a possible way.

Learning the limits one has in a process of self-discovery. For me it’s mostly adventures, natural sciences and writing projects.

To big of an ambition can lead to a destructive form of unselfishness. To small of an ambition and one can lose track of true love and one will bore oneself to death.

It’s the balance that is key to success.

In time one can stretch muscles and do more in time. As energy builds up like a heavy lifter builds body weight one can do more in less time. Over greater periods of time. Good eating, rest, and a healthy mind cleaned by meditation practise will help you to reach higher heights.

The goal is to actualize inner potential to become the ideal variant of oneself. Living for happiness and fulfillment.

Not necessarily becoming like others.

2. Adventures In Nature

Adventures in nature are one of my primary passions and they are enduring ones. Nothing has been better for my personal development than the immersion in a preserved natural environment. An environment with great biodiversity, with energy, with a lot of dead trees. With different species of animals living upon fruits, nuts and each other.

What helped me was that I came in contact with the Universal Mind in the relaxing journey into the depths of nature around my home town a couple of years ago. I found a new way to raise energy. Becoming lighter in the body and the soul. To erase old illusions accumulated over time.

It was the contact with the Universal Mind that accomplished it.

With that said adventures in nature are also very pleasurable. They present the opportunity to immerse oneself in a life totally alien to the life in the cities of the modern world. With great beauty, with a feeling of timelessness and joy. And the species of animals one can encounter reflect that.

It’s sometimes difficult for a beginner spiritual seeker to appreciate the beauty of natural life. That seldom gives immediate satisfaction. In fact many early excursions may leave the individual more unhappy than he/she was when he started. This is somewhat due to the habitual dependence the individual has on modern entertainment.

It’s sometimes easier to appreciate a Hollywood movie or a video game than a collection of beautiful trees and a simple sunset.

Appreciation grows in time though as the adventurer starts to adjust. To ease down, take nature in as it is. Not demanding immediate satisfaction. Joy grows with longer walks in nature. With swimming sessions in remote lakes. Pushing beyond the zone of comfort to experience something old and forgotten.

That mind-set saved me in a sense.

How to gain more from the experience

This has to be said many times: That the key to a successful journey into nature is to neglect over-thinking. The mind that analyses every experience and never decides to ease down to take in the experience as it is.

It’s the inner silence combined with the pleasure of immersion into natural worlds that makes the individual find true beauty and a higher consciousness.

It also helps to push beyond the zone of comfort to do the things the adventurer always wanted to: Like igniting a fire at a fireplace. Building a sleeping Tipi. Climbing mountains, swimming in remote lakes. Finding berries, mushrooms and other things to eat.

To eat in a natural environment is very relaxing that in a combination of deep rest and even sleep pulls the adventurer into a experience of immersion into alien worlds.

It can be frightening.

Finding biodiversity and enlightenment

What is the point of it all though?

One has had an experience of beauty, peace and quiet. One had done what one always dreamed of as a kid looking at television shows. They are experiences that comes and goes.

What are truly lasting?

To me it is very much about new experiences. To learn. To boldly go into new forests. New mountains. Along riverbeds, meadows, you name it. To do the new, appreciate the old and in time start to reflect upon those experiences. Maybe like building a natural science upon clear observation and logical thinking.

Only to find that the science will make life become more understandable. More in tune to the depths within. And giving room for a broader perspective on life that gives a sense of joy.

As the science builds upon real facts not the secondary look at nature shown on the T.V.

It’s a huge difference.

3. New Intellectual Disciplines

I couldn’t have guessed this in the beginning. As my philosophy always was to neglect intellect for the spiritual instead. But as I found deep rest in nature, learned more about true meditation and found the way to the body in walking exercises adjusting to the Universal Mind I discovered I was thinking too little.

I started to read the masters of philosophy, science and literature. I was into a philosophy to learn from the masters. To find out if those that truly succeeded did something similar to myself.

And they did this too. I just didn’t realize to which extent they practised the same philosophy. That they were on a path of liberation. They learned from life, thought the new, found structure and worked their asses off to rise above the consciousness of ordinary man.

Having a strong work ethic primarily.

I read the texts of philosophers such as Bertrand Russel contrasting with the reading of philosophers such as Nietzsche. Combining the intellectual world of philosophy with the philosophy of will and emotion. Culminating in the reading of Montaigne. A strange man of a middle-way that read deep texts but also abandoned them.

He read passages of a text only to put the books down. What felt best and were interesting were good, the rest were discarded. Thinking for himself. Describing the ironic limits of man.

I did this too. I decided to affirm less thinking to calm the mind only to think again. To sleep more. Dream anew. To connect what I learned with the previous knowledge accumulated in the deep subconscious.

I saw the limits of the intellect but also its creative powers. That I found better structure for the writing of my novels. That I found the way for more exact thinking/research models needed for accomplishments in life in general and in chess in particular.

A new interest of mine.

I found I wasn’t the only man on the path of the will. That the romantic ideal of the man of nature, emotion and women were something that contrasted with the Aristotelian ideal of intellectual evolution. I’m pushing for concentrated work in some amounts of time for individuals like myself to make man become a kind of god for himself in small doses amounting to more in the long run.

The work of an esoteric philosopher knowing about the limits of man. To never intrude too much in public affairs. To go on along the path to personal happiness and liberation.

The true keys to intellectual progress

It’s the sleep: To find the deep rest that elevates the mind from too much mind chatter. Restoring the natural workings of the mind giving birth to true intelligence.

I never read too much, I never play too much chess, I never compose too many works of music. Affirming small amounts of thinking to push beyond the conscious capacity of the educated mind.

Finding way to something beyond the brain too something deep and mysterious.

Rather finding the way to dreams and passions. The intellectual has to be balanced by the emotional. With emotional inspiration. Combining deep intuition with clear observation and logic.

The knowledge that found information has to be combined with previous knowledge formed in the deep subconscious. One always has to think for oneself. Evaluating texts from the perspective of true life experience one already has attained.

To evaluate and interpret texts with subjective glasses.

That is were all true learning takes place.

4. Sexual Discovery

In the first part of My New Spiritual System it’s described how socializing to some extent can depend upon the inversion of Christian values and this second part of the system can be seen as an extension to that.

What I had to learn the hard way though was that the people and the world of socializing was something I sometimes had to leave behind.

The points hold though. That the inversion of Christian values leaves way for a social power that creates a particular energy that especially the opposite sex finds attractive.

True social power is the power to make an imprint upon the group one connects to. To find the way to individual expression fit for the scene one is connecting to at the time. The key is adjustment. To be a good observer/listener to adjust to the particular place one is immersed in.

And it has almost always helped to get a little bit dark, emotional, down to earth. Physical, divert from philosophy, art and science and instead assume the behaviour of the people you are socializing with.

To crack a joke. Have some beer, just be silent, take a couple of cigarettes or just to walk away. The philosophy of smaller-ambitions is the way to go. Away with unnecessary thinking. Thoughts about: “how it should be” and go with silence and ease of mind instead.

To create an emotional bond with creative expression fit for the group you are socializing with.

When it gets interesting to me is that I can use previous knowledge attained for my own writing projects. For my fantasies. For the situations when I’m social anyway.

Sexual discovery is a part of that. That what truly is success in erotic encounters is a mix of light and darkness. A balanced ego leading to affirmation of personal power and sometimes personal power to put doubters aside. Still showing love in the right moments. Pushing conformity aside and go for the new: Emotional language without restrictions, the unexpected turn of events, the key word that makes one attractive.

Showing the disinterested mode of someone having his/her own opinions.

But the greatest discovery is the discovery of the meeting between two lovers as a story rewritten on stage. It’s a story that reveals itself. That one has to connect to.

Connect to earlier phrases spoken. Being responsive. Build on previous ideas mentioned in the social context. Explore those ideas. Go into the dark and mysterious. Never to bore the others. Combining structure with chance.

And playing hard to get.

That is power. Power to get the girl you find attractive. Deciding the events of the evening. The excursions. The choice of food and drinks. Additional games and music. The clothing.

The eerie atmosphere of lovers lost to time.

Being somewhat egoistic in a creative sense and then finding the way to deeper love in the end.

True sexual discovery

The discovery that a true sexual encounter reveal. That you are the dark and mysterious. That you say things other neglect. That you have your own point of view.

That you can assume others perspectives. That you know dark emotion. That physical touch and the immersion in a dreamlike environment makes you feel easy in yourself.

You surround yourself with the people you want to surround yourself with.

You never apologize for the will of your heart.

Bending values to attune to the mysterious threads within.

Discovering that true erotic encounters reveal the real reason for your existence.

And that darkness sometimes is the way into the light.

5. Natural Science

In the first part of My New Spiritual System I described a new science fit for the discovery of individual values and goals. That one can make use of alternative science to find clarity upon one’s own path.

Still something more can be mentioned. And that is something I discovered as I discovered natural science done the hard way: To actually move out into a deep forest. Start to observe the new. Create hypotheses concerning the things you see and build a new science upon one’s own observations, not others.

This has been revealed to truly reward me as a scientist. For I got the chance to change my perspective on natural life from a dull science article reader to a real scientist having his own observations. Creating a science that is vitalizing for the soul due to the real life connection.

Science is not only about knowledge. It’s also about the appreciation of the multi-verse: To see the beauty of life. Its inter-connectedness, beauty and evolution.

To see times and places in the natural history of the planet evolve in contra-intuitive ways.

Giving way for wonderment.

The keys to good science

To me it’s about inner guidance to some extent. As the scientific method sometimes reveals a complexity too hard to understand for the conscious mind. It’s easy to lose grip on the scientific problem at hand with too much reading, too much mental noise, too many experiments. One rather has to find the way to the hidden knowledge within.

It’s about becoming enlightened from a spiritual perspective, searching deep in the soul for guidance concerning the scientific questions at hand to get a hunch that later can be scientifically investigated with more traditional methods!

Combining logic with inner guidance and dreamlike visualizations.

One also needs great concentration over longer periods of time. The patience to just go on observing, reading. Testing ideas. To move beyond previous boundaries. For years if one has to. Evolving intellectually and find the way to contra-intuitive ideas.

Checking for correction from other scientists. Testing hypotheses for longer periods of time to find the way to a good theory. Knowing when all is taken to its ultimate conclusion.

Giving great attention to the problem of falsification: That one many times shall test theories with an opposite point of view compared to one’s own theories. Investigating the empirical evidence for those contradictory theories for extended periods of time and adopt a critical mind-set to always search for faults in one’s own theories in general.

Testing for faults over longer periods of time in a gradual feedback process - it’s easy to get deluded!

Knowing about the limits of the intellectual process itself: That there is no real truth only theories!

Good science is built upon good observation. But there is also a creative element to it: That to find the way to a good theory is a path to transcend previous thought patterns. To think the new, formulate new questions. Search for complexity, subtle nuances and variations. To realize one does not know even if it may look that way on the surface.

To create new scientific experiments to verify the assumptions built on previous theories.

Science is about good observation, logic and rigour but more importantly about the cessation of thought itself.

To see the birth of dreamlike illusions coming from deep inner guidance. Emanating in the scientist’s soul as he understand his/her problems small pieces at a time.

Getting intellectual stimulation.

6. The Occult

I’m not kidding.

I’m no ordinary man rather a spiritual seeker building his own conclusions. And the conclusions are that we live in a conscious multi-verse. With different life-forms evolving together over great amounts of time.

The multi-verse has different dimensions and planes. And sub-planes to add to that. Planes that are visible to an observer if he is vibrating on the right frequency. A frequency that can be changed as in a radio transmitter/receiver.

The Universal Mind is the totality of all experience. They are all perceptions existing within the totality and that is reality. The perceptions are bulks of information built in a network of nodes.

The individual life forms.

Life goes on after death. The individual soul transcends physical reality. Consciousness can be developed to higher levels. We evolve together or devolve depending on the beliefs of individuals and societies as a whole.

Magic is no true magic just the altering of perceptions of the occultist at display. That is where some fun begins. To use “magic” to transform one’s reality to the one idealized in the mind and the heart of the particular individual.

Even more important is the discovery that the individual has a soul, can reach inside the heart for knowledge concerning his individual path in life and previous knowledge attained.

He can connect to The Universal Mind to find the way to higher clarity and esoteric knowledge. If he can make use of his inner potential to discern facts from illusions.

And much, much more...

7. Creativity

I mentioned most in my previous part of this spiritual system. That being creative is a life style. It has to have some connection to real life too but also it’s about personal visions.

An alternative reality where anything can happen.

What I realized later though was that what was needed was greater structure. To build works upon several earlier versions and modifying the work as time moves along. Finding the way to the will. But understanding and transcending the will in more creative attempts.

It’s about the time execution.

About the time invested. About the structure, discipline and practise to truly build a masterpiece.

The discovery that true art depends on the time invested.

That there are additional layers of knowledge waiting to be revealed. That the creative process never ends. Still it is up to the individual to carry on his individual path in his/her way.

Never seeing limitations.

Learn the trade. Learn from the masters. Create one’s own systems. Testing them. Giving way for intuitive power built upon prior research revealed in the best moments.

Building upon that power.

Drowning in inspiration.

And to understand that this lifestyle of science, creativity, adventures, sexual encounters and intellectual diversions just is about the joy of the process itself.

That a human doesn’t need a masterpiece to be happy.

Just to build his own values. Finding the way to a healthy ego. To personal will. To abandon the false love of the Christians for the power of the love of the enlightened soul. An individual thing fueled by knowledge, life experience, socializing, work and passion. Enlightened self-interest. Finding the way to magic. Knowing that what is written about lucid consciousness is written for the ones knowing that this is enjoyment to them.

Never doing something difficult for difficulty’s sake.

Sometimes devolving:

Affirming being, adventures, intellectual disciplines, sexual discoveries, science, occultism and creativity as a way to find an interesting life.

That also can amount to a good nights sleep and a cold beer in the garden.

The possibilities are endless.

And that is the final word on creativity I have.

Discover more, do more, find the edgy details. Surprise yourself with new things. Be inspired by the process of life you have chosen. Extend your mode of comfort to include longer works you earlier couldn’t imagine.

Surround yourself with good people if you can...

And work, just work, do and discover...

To find the way to true creative expression.



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