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2016-10-13 - Algeciras, Spain

A Travel Article By Andreas Ingo

What a journey!

I went by local bus rides from Ubrique, Spain to Algeciras, Spain. The Spanish city close to Gibraltar which you can see on the picture. It was a tuff ride with not much sleep but I found some in Jerez close to the train station. The bus network in southern Spain does not work as in Sweden. No ticket booths and timetables and bus changes without notice.

The hardest thing is the cultural shock and the everlasting presence of the unknown. Not knowing is the deepest fear. But I have learned a lot. Much more so than in South East Asia. I have learned to trust myself more, to give up all fake ambitions. (Intellectual first and foremost) To give myself the rest I need and never rush it. Thinking straight and clear. Finding pleasure in my own way not related to other's people variant of success.

It was the philosophy of no-ambitions (especially intellectual ones) that saved this journey.

My next goal is to take the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier, Morocco. Spending a couple of nights in Tangier then taking the train to Casablanca and then onwards to Marrakech.

I'm writing on my new novel Morbid Satisfaction with the old project title Ascension about two government informers put to the test in a spellbinding fictional reality.

I'm resting now.


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