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2014-11-19 - Anarchy

An Article By Andreas Ingo

I'm just getting more radical - even politically.

I believe in the liberation of the will. That means - the will of the people.

I believe in democracy - as a way for the masses to express their will in the external world - a process towards unity and enlightenment.

I've been tormented by the idea of the limit of knowledge in the past.

How anyone ever could *know* what's the best solution for anyone under any circumstances.

But I've changed.

Nowadays I look upon democratic change as an evolving process towards enlightenment - society going through changes in a feedback process, where the right solutions becomes evident in time - through trial and error.

This is how I evolved - I knew nothing at first - but the information process of life taught me what was needed - mostly by pain.

I now look upon society as an organic whole - going through changes, testing different solutions, realizing it's weaknesses through trial and error. In order to make this process effective you need a functioning democracy - an information process where the will of the people can be heard and made evident - a system of direct democracy - pure anarchy - where different solutions can be tested without suppression.

I've always believed in the spiritual gain of pure freedom - I would never make it in another world! But I was a bit sceptical towards the will of the masses - dumbed down by the media, the state and the church.

Nowadays I look at it with different eyes: I think it's primarily the level of direct democracy which decides the evolutionary progress of society - progress made impossible without the open space of information exchange and feedback.

Progress being decided by evolutionary factors - not the individual perceptions of the citizens - but a society where everyone plays a part.

How to attain such a democratic process?

I believe it's happening right now! Here on the Internet, just now when I'm writing this, also before and after.

People are waking up, more than I ever could dream of, protesting in the streets, writing in social forums, just talking openly.

What does this mean to speak from the heart?

To write it down: The coming flame of enlightenment - Satanic or otherwise - building momentum in the collective consciousness - at first just changing the way we look at things - later building confidence in the power of ourselves - resulting in direct action, a process of trial and error, resulting in something nobody could guess about before. The end of traditional politics, progressing towards unity and prosperity, freedom of the individual and the will of the whole.

Is this the new age of the earth?

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