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2015-01-29 - Evolution

An Article By Andreas Ingo


A lot of things are happening on this trip. At first astonishing sights, then recreation in the form of motorcycle rides, baths in the ocean and treks in the jungle. And then you start meeting people. My view of people have totally changed on this trip. I hoped to meet fellow travelers, different locals and nice girls. But what I got was a total blow to the mind.

Most of these people have been traveling for many years, having a deep understanding of the human condition, politics, the environment and much, much more.

Talked with one of those yesterday. It began with a discussion of literature, later delving deeper into conspiracy theories, alternative views of crime, drugs and the way this world is structured. I just got confirmation that my own theories were correct. I'm doing science now. Science beyond the established sciences, which just are about money and position really. No real care for the truth.

One piece of the puzzle is human relationships.

Relationships would be great in theory. Not feeling lonely, having emotional and intellectual exchange. Having babies and a bright future. But what is the reality? People are just fucking. That's marriage. People are animals operating at base level with no care about anything else.

It's completely understandable.

So people that have progressed starts to go deeper into themselves. They break up. They need to understand the world and themselves. So they meditate, they think, they start to explore their dreams and passions. They feel hate, distance to the world and their old friends. And of course, they get lonely.

Is there a way out of this?

I think it is. This happens when you have a deep understanding of reality and know how to cope with it. You see that the darkness in others exist in yourself. You start to love your darkness, you come to love life as it is. To love a girl is to love what's actually there. Perversion, hate, lust, anger... And where the love grows the light are coming in. You're walking on clouds wanting to make the world to a better place.

You come to love your suffering, your dark agenda, your morbid thoughts...

Nothing ends.

Which leads me into another view of life.

Science is just the start. You already know that all information is distorted. Free thinking leads you knowhere without the right theoretical framework. Without the right assumptions you will interpret your experience in a wrong way. That's what I have been doing.

A way out, have been to think about evolution in the physical universe. Not that I believe that there are no other dimensions, just the observation that the physical body with the complexity of your brain is what drives you here and now. The human need is the need our biological bodies have evolved to have. Just to replicate our genes to coming generations.

So you start to think about evolution. What would be the right thinking, the right mindset and behaviour, to succeed with your goals in life?

I just leave it up to you to think for yourself.

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