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2015-02-01 - Freedom

An Article By Andreas Ingo


I've seen through additional errors in my mind. The problem was the assumption that freedom would lead to the progress of mankind. My latest years of personal development have steadily progressed towards greater freedom, simply because I came closer to my goals in life.

I've been thinking that humanity are deceived by an occult elite and that by removing the thought patterns created by those in power, by intellectual means, those patterns would fall away, giving birth to another consciousness.

But freedom is just an concept. The only thing I've actually seen are the consequences of my actions. And those consequences have been enormously satisfying. That's why it has been my passion. But it's easy to turn this reasoning around. What happened today was that I just gave up that thought. As an experiment. Started to think about the possibility of other solutions. Not anything new by any means. But seriously questioning the arguments for freedom. And I realized that I didn't have anything more than a logical framework to back it up, which fell apart when I realized that my model of life was based on a sequence of memories, experiences which accumulated over time, arriving at new conclusions on the way. Always going in untold directions. But those directions didn't build a clear path, a true progression of any kind. More enjoyment yes but no clear progression of thought. Rather the opposite. I saw that the concept of freedom was no more solid than any other thought I gave up on the way. I accepted that thought. Then it said click and I went into a state of pure unknowing, even accepting the fact the pure power could be answer.

And everything fell away.

Then something unexpected happened.

Something came in.


Satanic consciousness, but I don't mean that as spiritual possession. I mean that my ego dissolved and that which was left was another consciousness, completely recognizable as satanic.

In what way?

In the way I model the concept of Satan according to my own experiences with that consciousness.

But it was different this time.

It wasn't just something coming in. I was one with that consciousness, without thought patterns directing my view of the same thing.

And my thought process started to work more effective than before.

I gave up new age for satanic thought years ago. Gave up satanism for a natural state in periods on this trip. I went into states of unknowing before but didn't experience this. The only explanation I have is that my belief in freedom unconsciously blocked the satanic consciousness to enter the conscious state. Always lurking behind but never coming to the surface.

I never have felt this free before.

Many people have helped me on my way to liberation. If you reading this Laila Roth you know you are one of them. Additional satanists confronted me with errors in my thinking. People I don't know the name of. Renee Luxton is a good friend. Christian Lanciai made me see the world in a different light. Jason Wilkinson confronted me with a more scientific mind. I've read up on the posts many make, satanists or otherwise and had confirmation that I wasn't crazy.

So what am I now?

Satanist or Satan himself?

Think about it and judge for yourself.



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