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2015-01-29 - Love

An Article By Andreas Ingo

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I feel a bit over indulgent. Over indulgent precisely because I'm just writing about my journey, my subjective views on things.

This article is about you.

What I want to say from the depth of my heart: I just love you all.

This is one of those days, where everything I knew fell into place. I talk about myself and my experiences because those are the only things I know about. Everything else would be a lie.

Very ugly.

And I've come to understand that my mission is and always was to free my readers from all oppression, even from themselves. I talk about darkness being my liberator, hate of god my passion, and the system of control being my greatest enemy.

But my friends always choose to go into an opposite direction! This is what freedom does to my readers.

And I've come to understand it: That people might follow the green agenda of the illuminati, engage in established movements, even go to the church. I've seen it! It's starting to happen.

But I don't care.

I don't care for a simple reason: That what is good for your evolution is not to follow me. It's rather to do what you love, to gain new understanding, working for the destruction of the planet and the human mind, but evolving faster in the process.

And the end result is enlightenment.

It's the same for me. Everyday is something new. Mistake after mistake in an endless spiral of thought and emotion. It's starting to get easier, but the control is so overwhelming that I know many things will change tomorrow.

Read an article about David Bowie where he described his endless search for identity. In human encounters, in different places, in music and much more. He just saw that he gained something from it but in the end he had to abandon it all. Search just for search and nothing else.

I'm not the same.

I don't believe in identity.

But the fact is that I have to accept that I and everybody else is deluded.

I have no clear picture of the future. One man I talked with yesterday believed in the extermination of the majority of the people of the planet, for the simple reason that a smaller amount of people are easier to control.


Some days I think people are waking up, feeling the love in the air and good things spoken.

Then all changes.

What I need is critique, deep critique of the fundamentals in my thinking. I believe in darkness as a way to self liberation, to arrive at a greater light, "good" and "evil" exchange roles.

And paradise would be the world we create according to our own states of being.

That's all.

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