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2015-02-22 - Music

An Article By Andreas Ingo

Much have happened to the music scene since Elvis Presley and The Beatles, growing darker with bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, leading to the metal bands of today, Black Metal preferably. It's just my current taste in music. It's like religion, going away from the light and into the dark. Satanism is spreading.

Met a satanist on the streets of Luang Prabang two nights ago. I had my T-shirt with the Satanic cross and he had one too. He seemed a little depressed, I guess he was about 16 years old. He could have been into music, you could see by the look that he was a serious kid. Heavy music is serious. I've listened to death metal bands like Arch Enemy and one record especially made me cry. It was about many things but religion in particular. To me many of the best metal songs are about religion.

But it gets worse.

I've discovered much darker stuff. Experimental bands in the progressive/alternative music scene like the Italian/Slovenian band Devil Doll. Not the one with the female singer (Although that woman is really wicked) but the one led by the mysterious character Mr. Doctor, who arrived at the music scene, made five classical records and then disappeared without a trace. The records are not so much about hate and anger, like the metal bands, but more about love to "Evil": Death, isolation, desperation, perversion, illusions...

The music is the beginning then something happens to the mind: The Christians have it right actually: You get in contact with something from the beyond, Satanic undercurrents of vague emotions giving birth to new thoughts. You get in contact with the individuals who made the records. And here's where it gets interesting: Music is the entry-point into Satanism for many kids today. The Satanic teenagers I've met this far are about the smartest ones I've ever met. Not only on this journey. Yes, they are pretty selfish, hateful and in many ways immature. But they don't make you feel bad about yourself. Their negativity was rather a way for them to point out the faults in my mind, leading to greater satisfaction. One girl in particular used black magic on me, but I didn't suffer for it in the end. Just an enlightening experience. I don't think they know about their evolutionary powers. It's all about evil for them. They are into satanism for their own gain and that's why it works. In many ways these kids are pretty nice, well spoken and beautiful. Music is the entry point for them. Later they start to read authors like Anton LaVey, leading to darker stuff as they progress. They become really serious in time and their selfishness gives way for other states of mind. Finally they might come to the same conclusion as me: That Satan exists for real but is no real being, just an unspiritual force directing life and evolution in the entire universe. It's yourself. Your dark essence. Not only for the good but also for the bad: Creating conflicts, antagonism, schisms, but for the improvement of life, joy and happiness. It's about freedom. The greatest geniuses of today are rarely not into music. Music is about something better than the obvious, it's about the dark undercurrents of emotions coming from the subconscious and beyond. Music is like a foretelling of the future. Directing your life in powerful ways, changing your heart and in time you will discover it.

I'm starting to listen to other kinds of music. Satanic music is not necessarily "Evil" and violent. It can be light in tone and refreshing. Like the music of classical composers, jazz and much more. I'm especially fond of the scores of particular film music composers, like Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore and Danny Elfman. Howard Shores score to "The Fellowship of the Ring" is about the most powerful piece of music I ever have heard. It's beautiful but it's coming from the same place. The depths of the heart, a dark texture of someone that understood the story beyond raw intelligence.

That's the power of Satan. Starting with the light leading to deeper darkness. Perhaps a fantasy like the above. Not necessarily dark and disturbing. But inspired by something greater coming from the unknown. That's when you feel something. It's about the love in the process. The one thing the suits of the music industry can't stand. Creativity. Beginning at first with intuitions, hidden instincts, failures... It's something in a failed piece of music that is actually quite the opposite many times. It's about inspired genius. The only problem being that the composer didn't understand himself at the time of writing.

The "Errors" being messages from the beyond.

In time he will become better, the "Errors" will disappear. The composer looses track of Satan and becomes respected. He gets the money. His ruin will be his private life. He had it better in his own basement.

That's how it was for me. Not that I made it into any established circles, only that I started to learn about music and art in general and lost my nerve. Later I discovered my errors and went back to basics.

Nowadays I write and hardly think about it. This text is more about intuition than anything else. After I'm finished I'm really impressed and I see it's actually clarity. But it's the satanic force that directs the process.

Beyond human understanding.

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