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2015-01-28 - Outer Space

An Article By Andreas Ingo

Ok. A work of passion.

Ever since I was a kid I longed for outer space. I watched the films of James Cameron and Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick and many others. And I started to read books. The science-fiction epics of Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and Ray Bradbury. Dreams were made.

But I had friends which didn't share my passion. Why go into space when there are poverty of earth, dictatorships, and the threat of hellish wars? The people I talked to just saw it as an boyish dream. I started to feel the same.

But things change.

I started to make paintings, write books, work on films. I was so desperate for outer space I just couldn't put it down.

And something happened on my trips. I started to see that travel made wonders for my consciousness. The encounter with the unknown made me think. I started to see things in a different light.

I became another person.

And here is the interesting part: What is most important for human beings? Having good living conditions or having food for the soul?

I've seen the poverty, I've seen the wrongs of the governments. I've seen that people are not so unhappy in poor countries, it's rather the opposite! What they lack is not so much more money (Well, it wouldn't hurt!) but rather something to strive for, a dream, a deeper consciousness.

They live in a shallow culture.

That leads me into space. Most kids dream about it, but the dream is crushed by the harsh reality of this world. They have to start to think about income, romance, getting a position in this world of struggle.

I have no romantic notions of outer space! Walking on a sterile rock miles and miles away. Having nothing but a small habitat, a rover and some synthesized nutrition parts. But this is the point! It's about the challenge, the encounter with the unknown which would develop our consciousness to another level.

Think about it.

Enduring time by ourself, living with others in a small habitat for a year, confronting the impossible task of living in an alien world completely different from ours. Think about the progress in science, psychology, technology, social sciences and countless other things. What I learned on my trips is that the rate of consciousness expansion accelerates the more you learn. Everything starts to fall into place. And this knowledge might be the key to the future.

If we can get foothold even on Mars everything could be downhill from there, compared to life on earth in this instant.

Is it possible? Is it possible to go there?

The cost would be huge. Almost unfathomable. But think about the state of the earth right now. That all money goes to waste by greed, corruption and will to power (Among other things) Nothing happens with the economy compared to what would happen if the will of people gained control. That's my hope. That the ineffectivity of modern society would be replaced by pure intelligence. Working towards the benefit of the whole.

The economy would skyrocket.

The opinion of the masses would change. And with the will of the people everybody would benefit from space-travel because those that didn't go would read about the progress and learn themselves.

The understanding of the universe would expand to another level. Already fades the newtonian notion of the universe working as a clock. Many breakthroughs have been made. That the known laws of physics breaks down in the singularity of black holes. That the visible order is an illusion, not the workings of the universe at a deeper level. Which leads me to big bang.

How did it all come about?

One thing science have done is that the idea of God as a creator have become more unnecessary with time. At first many discovered that life could have evolved by chance and natural selection, then many took it a step further: What if the actual laws of the universe evolved in a similar way? In the singularity order was non-existent. Order arose by a peculiar necessity, in the form of atoms, molecules and so on. My theory is that those elements evolved because they stood the test of time.

An atom is more stable than energy in a more chaotic form, later forming stars, leading to the progress that later came, including life.

It's just a theory. We need the facts. We need to put down the idea of God and explore for real.

And this would be the true purpose of space-colonization.

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