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2015-01-25 - Politics

An Article By Andreas Ingo


Much have been said of the matter but I've thought more about it than before. That is one of my greatest pleasures of this trip. More so than beautiful islands, more so than any any subject I ever thought about before.


Because politics is the primary subject of my coming books. I think personal development is extremely important for anyone, everything that happens within, but what I've seen on my journey is that most people I met, travelers like me, are really free psychologically. What they really need is money for their trips. Money and influence, to express themselves in public, reaching out with their own thing.

Everyone I ever met on my journey is creative, creative individuals whose dream is to change the world in their own way, with writing, photography, websites or anything else of their own choosing.

We need influence.

This leads me to politics.

That the world is controlled by greed, lust for power and the rest have already been said so many times so I leave that for another discussion.

What I realized is that it comes back to human nature. Lust for power is no surprise of course, it makes it easier for the strong to reproduce and preserve their own genes to coming generations. Altrustic behaviour could help in some circumstances, but a group of individuals that fought for a common cause would be stronger if the primary drive was selfish. Why? Because the strongest in the group is the one who reproduces, so a group of selfish altruists would succeed over a group of pure altruists. What about love? The common man has an innate ability to follow. Follow the herd. Recorded human history have always had leaders and followers. Everybody wants to the top, but the way to get there is usually to follow. Follow or get killed.

That's where love comes in. Love of the king, love of god, love of your comrades next to you. Without this love the common man gets shuts down and can't reproduce.

Is their a way out of this?

I'm quite convinced there is. And that is another capacity of the human species. The ability to adapt. Human nature is not fixed. With enough intellectual capacity the individual can transcend and work against the genetical makeup and completely transform thoughts and emotions. That's what I've been doing for many years. I've always thought that love and intelligence conquers all.

The key: The realization that under certain circumstances everything changes. Society transforms, the individual becomes stronger up to a point where he no longer needs the lower thoughts and emotions to be successful and reproduce. That's the key. In a civil society values change, with highly evolved individuals true love becomes attractive, moral intelligence will not be seen as detrimental to survival.

Because in reality love and intelligence might be the key to the preservation of the human species. It could be the key to healthy relationships. I've already seen it on this trip. That power, lust and greed are extremely common, but the individuals that you really want to meet is quite different.

But it's a great danger to this. The danger is that you don't know yourself. You go into the over-self, full of unselfish drive and everybody will hate you. They hate you not because of your motive, but rather for your weakness. You can't survive. That's why I'm getting darker all the time.

The way out is not to follow the path of love. It's rather to embrace your darkness and that which arrives is a strength that makes you able to love without motive, it's love from your free will, something that is extremely attractive when you see it but extremely rare.

The way down is the way up and what the politicians are trying to do is rather the opposite: To make you more "moral", fit in in the larger whole. Loosing your sex power, your passions, your evolutionary impulse to reach out for greater freedom.

My view of politics is that which is good for us as individuals is good for world as whole. We should work from ourselves, abandon the political philosophies of the past and start to think about what is natural to ourselves. Watch ourselves, watch the world, being practical.

The solutions is the ones which arrives in the process of pure freedom. Not the visions you or me find in dreams, but the solutions we find in the process of life, we should know about this and adapt.

We are intelligent animals.

So what I'm trying to do is to liberate the human mind. Liberate the mind from lack of knowledge. This knowledge goes beyond the popular belief that personal development ends with the satisfaction of the selfish drive. You need it, your truly need your ego, your power, your darkness. But where the individual desires ends the calling of satan begins. You discover the plesasure of suffering, the joys of entertaining others, the pure advantage of giving pleasure to a beautiful woman. Realizing that this quality makes her love you more.

It works up to a certain level then you have to give it rest.

Because you are a god in the making. Not a human anymore. More like a starchild longing for space. Dominating the political sphere with your dark intellect, giving joy with taking pleasure and finding solutions never thought about before.

I don't beleave in the will in the unconditional way I did before. I always was led by my will, but my will was influenced by the life I led, what I saw, what I felt, what I accidentally thought.

I completely lost the will to engage in human relationship. Because there was no other way. I was put down from the pressure to conform, conform to a certain group of people, to family, to friends, to people on the net.

I had to deviate from all this. Go into pure evil to gain energy, and from this state of power I could extend my will to others, at first just in fleeting moments, then for hours, then seeing that limits are just fictions of the mind.

I think people are extraordinary intelligent, loving creatures that are put down just by the powers that be. Not aware of their potential, their creative powers to extend the will by pure knowledge.

Entering the paradise and hell of earth. Paradise to enjoy future society if the will of the people gains control, hell because we really want to live like future warriors. Warriors wanting to live more, feel more, think more.

Being precious.

That's what I'm trying to do. Raise awareness so that my mistakes can be of benefit to man, and therefore also of benefit to myself.

That's enough for now.

Over and out.

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