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2016-09-12 - Seville, Spain

A Travel Article By Andreas Ingo

It’s quite amazing.

Yeah, I’ve said it and I’m saying it again: Quite amazing.

Quite amazing to dwell in an alien place. Submerged in the depths of a foreign culture. Spain is not very far from Sweden but it’s another world entirely: New smells, new sights and quite a different human temperament.

I’ve had some difficulty adjusting to the foreign land. Almost as if my previous year working in Sweden have made me a bit uncomfortable with travel. I have been working hard to keep the travel spirit alive. To endure the countless walks, the people swarming all over the place and most of all: the heat.

It’s the culture chock and also the countless fears and irrational thinking patterns that play on the psyche when one is traveling by oneself. But I have started to love the challenge of making a living in another world. Working with online projects, eating cheap and sleeping outside.

Many ups and downs but mostly ups compared to my previous year working for money in Sweden. You have to think straight and go for new options. No day is entirely the same.

What attracts me to this lifestyle then?

It’s the freedom: To come and go as one likes. To be able to think independently and create from that mindset. But I have also come to look at my travels as passionate work. To work on online projects anywhere in the world. As a vagabond. The most important thing is the independence as I’m a creator by heart.

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