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2016-09-16 - Seville, Spain (Continued)

A Travel Article By Andreas Ingo

I went to Seville, Spain to find a peaceful environment to work on my online projects and enjoy myself too. I searched for a way to prolong the Swedish summer with an interesting culture and friendly people. Finding the way to inner peace and increased creativity (among other things).

What I found was that people were very much relaxed and living in the present moment. They were relaxed but not without external activity. In fact they were very much running around all the time. Talking loudly while they were moving around in the city.

Peace and quiet is not so much about ceasing to be active. It’s just a mindset: Being in the here and now. Never longing anywhere else and not stressing that moment. This is easy to say but it’s much more difficult than what many people think. You have to be in a good place to start with. Meeting people with the same kind of mindset. You might also have to use regular meditation practise to still the mind. But it’s more to this: Finding inner peace to me is also about being passionate. I can surely say that my previous year working as a normal worker made me much more stressed and uncomfortable. Finding the way to passion is another thing. Loosing oneself so deep in passion projects that time ceases to exist. Never rushing anything. Never doing anything without pleasure. One has to find great enjoyment. Like writing texts where every word counts. And writing what interests oneself so one never wants to escape it.

Great pleasure is also a way to clarity. As the timeless state of mind pushes confusions behind and one can truly see oneself as one is.

Becoming enlightened.

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