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2014-11-27 - Strangers

An Article By Andreas Ingo


So sad and empty to surf travel sites on the web. Nobody writes anything remotely exciting, just the mundane: Where they have been, what they had for dinner and the kind of people they met.

I wonder: What did they talk about? What happened? What did they discover which made all the difference?

The strange thing is that everything is different when you're out there, when you're traveling by yourself. For me, everything becomes a revelation, untold secrets giving way for the imagination, giving directions to another dimensions of existence.

Paulo Coelho talks about this in some of his books.

What's the key? What makes the difference?

I think it's the knowledge of the occult. The sensitivity of consciousness, making the casual a portal into hidden knowledge: Knowledge about oneself, others and the world outside. Without this awareness you only see the things happening on the surface. The real change happens within. Some people seems to know this secret. I've met other travelers with a kind of darkness in their eyes. Like they know something others don't. When you start to talk with them they're casual at first, then they can go on talking for hours.

I searched for this spirit in the books of Jack Kerouac, but was a bit dissapointed. One traveler being out there, the main figure of a movement, and all he found was sorrow! (Well, kind of...)

Except this awareness I also think you need persistence. To follow through although the odds are against you. You know what you want but you're pulled back by insecurities, fears, lazyness...

The greatest things in life are the ones hardest to catch.

And you find that the people that master travel also master life beyond the road. In travel they push the limits to what they've been before and everything becomes downhill from there. These people, just meeting them, become like voices in your head, not a decease, but a source of enlightenment and inspiration, taking you higher...

Years on the road, paying off, making the complex very simple: That the labyrinth of life, abundant in details, are coming together to something only your heart will understand: That it's all about love in the end.

This is just how I experience it.

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