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2016-11-03 - Tangier, Morocco

A Travel Article By Andreas Ingo

I felt like a black skipper. Taking the ferry from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier Med, Morocco. Strange circumstances were playing tricks on my psyche as the ferry laid out from land. It had to do with the trials and travails I endured on land before the ferry trip. I was torn down by countless scares in the harbour area close to the centre of the city Algeciras, Spain. Several imaginary fears: Fears of meeting a new mix of cultures. African youngsters on the streets looking quite threatening, the new smells and the different Spaniards. I slept outside a night where my temper were coming low but it became a night too much. Fatigue was taking over the major part of my body. I had walked the walks in alien lands but these lands presented more struggles than opportunities.

Finally I entered a hostel and slept for several days.

Before the actual journey to Tangier Med I was quite shocked to find out about the ways of the seaport staff that reinsured me I had the right papers, that my passport would be stamped at a chosen location and that I needed no visa. But as I passed the security check it was revealed that I needed a visa anyhow! I was taken to the seaport security office where the police checked my papers and finally proclaimed (This was five minutes before the ship would leave!) that I didn’t need a visa after all. I was a Swedish citizen. I left for the ship, almost running and thought about the passport stamp. That I didn’t get it at the chosen location. Nobody seemed to care but I just knew that this might lead to a new problem. I passed security check once again and finally entered the ship. And to my great surprise the passport could be stamped on the ship not on the chosen location at the seaport. Contrary to given information.

It all ended spectacularly though as the ship left the seaport to travel the distance between Algeciras, Spain and Tangier Med, Morocco. The ship passed the rock of Gibraltar, entered the open sea to pass several large ships with goods from other continents. It made me think of movies I had seen. Especially the new King Kong movie by Peter Jackson. It was the smell of sea, a sunny day and a sense of true adventure. Never before had I felt so at ease in my environment. It was as if the previous journey had made the fears melt away inside. All suffering, all no-knowing of what to expect the coming days.

At the Algeciras seaside area I had gone through a personal development procedure. I had confronted my fears again and again until I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t dare to care anymore. One had to realize that the fear of the unknown and even a possible death always was lurking around the corner. Always. Not only in Algeciras but previously in Sweden and on all other journeys around the globe.

Living with death as a fact of life. And that life without death is no true life.

A rewarding scenario was playing out at sea in front of me later. Several ships going in different trajectories. The smell in the air, the sea birds singing and the blinding sun in front of me. Reflecting sunlight from the watery waves and finally seeing the coast of Africa giving me strange sensations of something exotic. It was a defining moment of my life. As I reflected upon the monumental importance of the place. The importance for the British naval forces to seize power on Gibraltar to control the entire region of the Mediterranean Sea for economic factors.

The ones controlling the trade controlled the entire economy of the region.

Later, as I walked the African environments in Tangier, Morocco, I came to see that the historical importance of the place was interrelated with the success of my own journey. That I came to power as a free individual. Having hardships and several internal wars. But moving beyond it as a lone conquer. Finding solace.

In the national park close to Tangier I found ways of forgotten palaces in the jungle. Surprise places where I almost lost my nerve due to the heavy burden of sunlight and physical travails. But I finally entered a beautiful road and came to a strange area where many guards where standing close to the road to inspect tourists. I didn’t know about it. But I was on the road to the king’s home and I was checked about it later.

I had come to the last strip of my new voyage. Where I realized that this strange occurrence was something I had built up in myself. As a reality creator changing perception according to occult science. I took it a little bit too far once again but I had a sensation of a huge elevation. As I had done the walks, changed perception within and finally had had the latest proof of my occult creation. Easing down later in the hostel to realize I needed more rest.

Days passed in a surreal state where I longed home and had several rewarding conversations with backpackers at the hostel. I wanted to start the writing of my new novel Ascension (A book I’m working on now) and had some sleep and peace of mind. This journey ended in the end of October 2016 with a long journey with aeroplanes to the huge airports of Madrid and London. Where I walked for several kilometres to navigate the different terminals and sections.

Finally entering Arlanda airport, Sweden through air.

I had done it after all.

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