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2014-11-23 - The Beyond

An Article By Andreas Ingo

I realized it too many times:

The world must come to an end - giving way for the imagination. As soon as creation starts something from the beyond comes in - transforming my perception - giving way for illusions.

I need to abandon enlightenment - instead light will turn into dark - and my hate of the world will transform into another kind of love.

A struggle to attain a vision more unlimited.

I never understood the ignorance of great art - belonging rather to a sect of madmen - praising the unknown, the unsuspected, the journey into the depths of the mind - but I never found someone like myself.

Why am I doing this? Why am I writing for the silence of the air - with nobody left in the room but myself?

Everyone went away when I gave up life for love - following the inspiration of the heart - at first - then realizing the wisdom of the dark.

Nowdays I live in a state of ever growing happiness - but nobody understands this happiness. It's not a welcoming smile - rather a private love - a dimension unnoticed by others.

I can't explain it.

I just wish I could help someone, help someone on the path to fulfillment. But nobody searched for this path of ever deeper knowing - a knowing dissolving into the void and then giving way for illusions.

It's a bit like existentialism - but more radical - a transformation of the self and the world outside.

So the world needs to come to an end. This world of nothingness - of empty smiles, of enforced servitude, of leaves dying on the ground but nobody there to see them.

So I'm into this all by myself - I do it for my own extinction, to reach a higher vibration and transform my reality on the way.

Pleasure is the way into pain.
Darkness the way into the light.
And somewhere on the road everything ends.

The land long forgotten - a memory from childhood perhaps - the world of purity and innocence.

A choice of freedom.

I just wish others were there to see it.

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