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2015-09-01 - The Metamorphosis

An Article By Andreas Ingo

Traveling is a strange subject. I went out on the road to find myself, this time living for free, roaming the forests of Sweden and the largest cities of Denmark to explore an alternative lifestyle. It worked. I lost myself in an occult dream, the dream to live completely free, free to live on fishing, berries and oatmeal (Among other things). It was not so much about nature in itself though. It was more about the satanic quest to become one with the supernatural. With nature spirits of every kind, a regression into past lives and a finding of love in death.

I did it. It worked. I went back to pre-memorial depths of darkness, seeing myself in animals, in howling winds and the swirling star-clusters of the northern skies. I saved a woman from bondage, in the mind of my own perception. And I finally found peace in a magical evening, watching yellow flowers burning with love and tranquility, a sea of meditation.

It was bliss.

I later met strange people in Denmark, explored art and culture, watching the wonders of an creative dream. As I changed reality changed, into a magical place with strange occurrences, strange people emerging out of the darkness, transformed by my skills as a black magician, altering my perception and also others. I became one with the satanic force within. But things would change.

Everybody was happy.

I went beyond and what was left was an empty shell knowing all but having lost the will to continue, it would just be an empty repetition. Distorting the memories I had of first love. I had to realize that I had to move into other things. Into social life, meaning couch-surfing in eastern Europe. This is the plan. The money won't last as long as I previously have wished. But as my own will is concerned this is the way. I have always broken the rules, broken them to do the opposite. The only way to keep the spirit alive.

And so I will leave for Germany tomorrow. Hopefully meeting a stranger or two.

That is all.

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