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2015-02-20 - The Occult

An Article By Andreas Ingo

The occult.

There's many sides to everything. I've started to think in scientific terms, about the natural world and all things materialistic. But this doesn't mean I ignore the hidden sides of things. My journey have been very mysterious in nature. I've been meeting strange people telling me the most scary stuff imaginable. Met a psychic in Bangkok that told me about my secrets and predicted my coming life. Everything he said about my secrets were true.

Met another man in Hua Hin that seemed to know everything. All about my journey, all about difficult subjects, "God" and many more things. He wasn't a religious man in a typical way, he just followed his heart and lived in the present moment. My journey have just become more mysterious with time. As my knowledge grow my reality change and I start to meet different people.

Science to me is a tool to gain understanding of the world as a whole, including the physical world. To be a bit more grounded in physical reality have been a good reality check. Gaining clarity. Balance. I've been into the occult for many, many years and I've started to think I've seen it all.

I know a great deal about the "God" we call Jehovah. It's an enormous intelligence operating from another dimension. Playing tricks of the mind, creating all sorts of illusions, at first heavenly, then more sophisticated. Creating trust within the victim. The victim becomes a close follower, even getting the most heartfelt love from beyond. These direct encounters is not like organized religion at all. It's about occult experiences, contact with a dark force that is trying to enslave you in enormously sophisticated ways. Taking forms, becoming "helpers", "angels", "lovers". These illusions are almost impossible to see through.

It's the intelligence controlling the main religions on this planet.

But these things are just one side of the matter. The other side of the occult is the world of darkness. It's about yourself, Satan, his demons and hell. Contrary to the story in the Bible it's not about "Evil", it's about freedom and self-liberation. Satan is not an ordinary being, it's about the darkest love of your heart.

It's about gaining understanding of reality arriving at an elevated state.

Jehovah knows all about this and are working to shut down your awareness, because when you gain clarity his power disappears.

I'm not trying to be serious but sometimes I can't help it.

Most people are completely unaware of the working of their own minds. Thoughts coming in, altering perceptions, resulting in different actions. It happens all the time but most people think it's just their own brain, thinking normally. When you start to meditate you realize that this isn't the case at all. You see that the thoughts operating in the depths of the mind are not intentional. They're completely alien. Intrusive. And the further you progress on the path of darkness the harder it gets. This is when many people give up and become Christians. The problems disappears, people are "healed" from the attacks and calmness enters.

But just as soon as they start to believe in God and settles into a more ordinary life the depths of their consciousness narrows. They start to lie to themselves. They lose their deep felt emotions and true intelligence. They start to read shit they don't believe in. They go to the church. They meet dead people that only care about themselves. In essence they become mind-drones of the forces from beyond.

But everything changes: A mind that is altered by new experience can never go back to it's old dimensions. Sooner or later the Christians will return to themselves. It happens when they see the reality of the new situation. That they died. That they previously suffered as Satan, lost their minds, became Christians and later gave up their false security for the knowledge they previously attained.

They enter the unknown. They know about the enemy, take steps and start to reorganize their lives. It might be easy at first. Satan is the greatest joy. Undivine pleasure. But as they progress they come to the point of no return. Going up to their previous level and encountering the point of spiritual death. That is: To go beyond their previous understanding in the most frightening of ways. It's like suicide. This is when they encounter Jehovah and his angels once more.

Satan offers no easy solutions.

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