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2015-08-31 - The Ugly Duckling

An Article By Andreas Ingo

The Ugly Duckling.

I have read the fairy-tale by H. C. Andersen as a way for me to educate myself in danish culture and I were completely taken aback. It was like a parallel to my own journey of self-discovery. Being hated at first, taken away to far off lands to twist the truth and to emerge like a beautiful swan in the end. Well, the latest part haven't really occurred yet but I think I'm getting there. It's about general opinion.

H.C. Andersen was a genius pure and simple. He wrote metaphorical tales describing his own life but in the form of the modern fairy-tale. He was the first. I use science-fiction in the same vein. The best aspects of The Ugly Duckling are the unexpected twists and turns of the story. Getting dark but keeping innocence. In the same vain as my favourite author's the fairy-tale of H.C. Andersen are hinting another world, a dark and disturbing one, a place for the soul to mature. The reading was pure bliss.

The world of H.C. Andersen also parallels my impressions of danish culture. People sitting at cafe's, drinking coffee, talking about art and philosophy, sports and much, much more. Danish people love freedom but freedom also has a price. The will is obviously conditioned by author's like H.C. Andersen and Soren Kirkegaard, talking about christian values, not satanic. According to me this is a mistake.

But this is a mixed impression. Some Danes look completely free. Others look absolutely enslaved. The literature of H.C. Andersen is quite similar. Elements of darkness, elements of light. The satanic coming in from the pure observation of life, the christian values a way of hope, leading to conformity.

I have been into a danish church and it was completely devoid of life, exactly like all bad author's combined. I think great art stands on the critique of human reason, seldom having a vision for better things to come. The world is a hellish place, what more to tell? People projecting an image of happiness but having real sorrow in life. With that said I'm completely different. What I love about H.C. Andersen is the knowledge of the storytelling craft. Also that he had an original vision and could present those ideas in a good manner, keeping it short, ending with a strong emotional connection.

People are tired of the modern world and are seeking the new. The new has to be the way of the heart, informed by a working intellect. Presenting new possibilities.

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