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2016-10-02 - Ubrique, Spain

A Travel Article By Andreas Ingo

Ubrique, Spain is a weird place. It’s so distant, otherwordly, so alien it’s almost scary. The white city up in the mountains. Quite a spectacular sight.

I was initially thinking about hiking in the mountains but the hot weather and my limited physique have rendered this option almost impossible. Instead I try to relax more. Talking to foreigners on restaurants and bars. And to my great surprise I can make myself pretty good understood. Using a few words of Spanish and my mobile translation device. I’m studying Spanish now as I have realized that this is a good way to get to talk to people. They are interested in people that try to speak their own language. A great discovery to me.

In between I try to adjust to the new environment. Using meditation and thought-control to make the best of it. At the same time I’m working on my new novel Ascension which is about two seekers in a natural reserve that is an entire planet.

(Quite a parallell to the region of Ubrique where two national parks meet in the same place...)

The bus ride from Seville, Spain to Ubrique was one of the highlights of this trip so far. Going from the lowlands up in the mountains to find a really calming place. But it has been exhausting to tell the truth. So many walks up and down high hills and the heat from the sun to add to it. That is the main reason I’m calming down. Trying to get to know the people instead of walking up in the mountains. And using meditation and thought-control to find structure in between.

My new novel is about this concept of enlightenment which not just is about self-realization but also the balance between different aspects of life. Becoming physical to get more spiritual. Becoming factual to get more fictional. More disconnected to become more connected. It’s my largest project this far. But I take quality over quantity any day.

So that is about it. I’ll keep you informed.

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